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Friday, 15 June 2018

I never thought that I'd say this, it certainly was not expected when I first arrived: I was in all the French guidebooks, even in one of the most popular as one of the best addresses of bars in Brittany, then came the fire and three years closure. Everyone thought that it was definitive, the guide books dropped me; my Basques & Cantabrians haven't returned; my motor bike clubs stopped coming, a thirty year tradition that would have ended but for the grace of 'Facebook' and its circulation. After 3 years closure, for four years it was more or less returning to normal, then I closed again for seven months due to illness, so the rebuilding goes on. In the meantime I've lost my students from Rennes and my weekly bands from Kemper & Morlaix who are now limited in their consommation by the lawful police activity making it not worthwhile anymore to travel so far just to stay under the legal limit without risk; as we are out in the middle of nowwhere taxis are out of the question, as it is one car, one driver, they can't select one non-drinking driver for the night, each one living too far apart from the other. The Bretons don't have a 'pub' culture, it's all based around the meal, my villagers are in at 'six' for their aperitifs and gone at 'seven'; the bars everywhere are closed before 9pm. except in the towns. I was fortunate to be included amongst the young Breton/Irish musical renaissance and the new 'pubs' that accompanied it, which brought people from everywhere to be a part of this mode, which  for different reasons has all but disappeared except in the towns and the festou-nos. I have to say that if it wasn't for the English newcomers with their 'pub' culture & traditions I could close my pub tomorrow, for I have the best beers, accompanied by the best music, subjectively speaking, and they spend the whole evening drinking pints whilst their wives drink kirs & rosés. The reason that I'm wring this, and why I began in such a way,  because ten of my regular customers who spent the evening drinking pints, English couples mostly, plus Huelgoat/Zimbabe have  returned home. Thinking positively, they will be back, and the holidays will soon be upon us. But I came here for Breton/Welsh solidarity that has existed since the 5th c. A.D., excuse the pessimism but there's not much left of it now. I'm open every day except mondays, you will be very welcome, especially if you appreciate good beer, good conversation and good music.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

As I'm working tomorrow, Whit Monday bank holiday, and as I like to have one day off, I may close on Tuesday instead.

As I came to the bar yesterday at 2pm there was someone already there waiting for me on the terrace, I looked at him studiously, then he introduced himself to my surprise as Ian Perryman, the man who drove me to this bar nearly forty years ago. That's twice this week that I have served Porth Grammar old boys, the other living 40 Km. down the road, Ian lives in Pentyrch. (For readers of 'Dyddiadur y Dyn Dwad', Perryman is Penniman in the book).

Sunday, 22 April 2018

A partir de cette semaine: Mardi 17h/5pm; Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi, Dimanche 14h/2pm. Fermé Lundi;

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Bun Walters: Queens Rd. Infants; Penydarren Juniors; Cyfarthfa Grammar; Ice Cream salesman, Billy Smart's Circus; Fitter's mate, Triang Toys (Lines Bros); Records clerk, Ebbw Vale; Machine operator, Moss Gears; Man from the Pru (Prudential Assurance); Odd job man, Castle Hotel, Merthyr; Painter, Mid Glam County Council; Fitter's/Roofer's/Brickie's/Plasterer's Mate/ Shop Steward, Brecon Rd. Yard; Refuse collector, Night Watchman, Toilet Attendant, Storeman, Dowlais Yard; General worker/Shop Steward, Rhydycar Sports & Leisure Centre; Branch Secretary/Constituency Executive Member/County Delegate/National Delegate Plaid Cymru; County Council candidate aged 21, lost to Mid-Glam chairmanArea Organiser Cymdeithas yr Iaith; Co-founder with Malcolm Llywelyn & Maldwyn Walters of Merthyr Sefydliad Cymru (first extra mural Welsh lessons in Merthyr, held in pub lounges in the Six Bells, Heolgerrig, The Owain Glyndwr, Pontmorlais, The Crown, Lower High St.; Linked to these was a carte blanche to organize Max Boyce concerts, Dafydd Iwan, Ryan Davies, Elenor Bennett, and the first Welsh language rock concert with Injaroc at Rhydycar, with permission from the council, not forgetting our Welsh language 'Disco Dewin with Malcolm & Maldwyn.' These various happenings could come under the auspices of either' Plaid Cymru', 'C-Y-I-G' or 'Mudiad Adloniant Merthyr.'  Thence forward to maker of concrete girders at Pierre LeJeune's yard, Plouye; Pub landlord; co founder of 'Coreff', first Breton brewery of modern times, two brewers, Jean-François Malgorn/Christian Blanchard, Roger, Ty Coz, Morlaix, Bernard, Chez Tom, Lesneven, Tavarn Ty Elise, Plouye (Me). Ty Elise, the genesis of the proto (not yet baptised) Vieille Charrues, organized by a band of friends, former 'pion(ne)s directed in the main by Stephan Pastor/Thierry Le Ster. It has gone on from two tables with food & wine brought into a little bar with background music to become the largest open air music festival in France. My activities are now on hold after two recent double operations on my liver and intestines, this means that I have to rest for at least a month before getting back to business when I hope to be back to full strength offering a huge welcome to all from then on (except trouble makers). P.S. Thanks to Elen, the bar is open fridays, saturdays & sundays, soon to open on wednesdays to sundays inclusive.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

News update on provisional internet connexion: Back home from hospital for hopefully the last time after a successful operation on my liver and intestines, six weeks rest recommended. My new address is 15 route de Huelgoat. Pub is however open every friday, saturday & sunday until I return.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Sorry for my absence; not as though I have nothing on my mind, it's just that I've been lacking inspiration, standing at the bar, shopping, watching the telly and sleeping, I should have been more thoughtful not leaving people think the worst. I apologise again. Glorious weather coming across in the taxi, Spring is definitely in the air, very sunny with not a cloud in the sky, primroses & daffodils everywhere, although temperatures are very low, when the nurse came by this morning it was -8° C. My operation for Jan. 11 was postponed because my haemoglobin level was so low I risked having a blood quantity problem in case of a haemorage durng the intervention, however I have since been given the all clear, the operation will take place tomorrow. The taxi got me to the hospital in Brest at 3pm., the operation will comprise cauterising a cancerous lesion in my liver and taking my bag away by reversing the first operation on my intestines. I should be here for a week to 10 days, and perhap's a week's convalescence to follow; see you then. Da bo'chi/ Kenavo.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Friday, 29 December 2017

I'm going from one thing to another: renal insufficiency, to lack of red corpuscles; lack of red corpuscles; too much potassium, now it's a too low hemoglobine level, leading too my G.P. telling me that I'm working on only half-power. Blood-transfusion & tests next Tuesday to find out where there's a blood leak because at the moment they have no idea as there are no outward signs, bit of an enigma! Hope to have a good new year's holiday period which will be followed by the annual low of January & February, starting up again at Easter. By the way, a special thanks to Fran May with her pianist for her concert on Dec. 23.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Ouvert aujourd'hui, Dimanche et Lundi a 14h/Open today, Sunday and Monday at 2p.m.

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