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Friday, 14 October 2011

THE big match but one

The biggest day in Welsh rugby history is already upon us in New Zealand; we've got the youth, the fitness & the urgency, will we be ruthless enough near their line, lack of experience will givel youth its head which could be good or bad depending on which French team comes out, they are famous for their inconsistencies; we can't afford to give the ball away, no loose passes leading to interceptions and discipline is vital in the scrum; for once we have strength in depth, it's exciting to know that we have Hook & the Williams boys in reserve to finish them off if need be.

Llyn Syfaddan & Llyn Tegid

Simon Jenkins in his book 'Wales Churches, Houses, Castles,' under 'Treberfedd' writes "...... on the shores of neighbouring Tal y Llyn, the largest natural lake in South Wales." I'd like to point out that 'Tal y Llyn' (Brow of the Lake) is not the lake itself but the name of more than one community on the shores of 'Llyn Syfaddan' or as it erroneously called 'Llangorse Lake', as 'Llyn Tegid' is called 'Bala Lake'. The parish is 'Llyn Safaddan'. Considering the knowledge and eye to detail that otherwise goes into the tome I was taken aback, but there again it is neither church, house nor castle, surprising all the same considering its place in Welsh legend particularly of the swans recognition of the true Prince..

Friday, 7 October 2011

The last 18 months have been financially very difficult, but paradoxically my quality of life has leaped a hundred fold with the fresh air, the castles, cathedrals, churches & priories, walking in the forests and next to the rivers & canals, my efforts to become a market trader, more time for music and reading poetry, tales of Arthur & Merlin, history, and travelling Brittany taking photos. The pub will be re-opening in the spring, but briefly & directly I need help until then to keep the wolves (solicitors & baillifs) at bay; I need a loan of 750€ now in all urgency and a cushion further on, to split a metaphor, to keep my head above water, no point in having a drowned mine host at the open door of a newly refurbished tavern!

Annie Ebrel & Nolwen le Buhe

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