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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rade trip : troisième épisode, chez Bun à Plouyé | Imprimerie Nocturne - Zone libre

Rade trip : troisième épisode, chez Bun à Plouyé | Imprimerie Nocturne - Zone libre

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


This may not go well for purists but today I bought a micro-wave for the pub. I'm in the middle of no-where with a good selection of local artisanal beers. Comfortably situated at the bar with the best beers and not wanting to leave but having to when peckish I lose my custom, also when customers turn up after a long voyage and everything around is closed they may now stay for what the French call 'depannage', no pretentions but bring your own bread. Menu for the moment: Boeuf Bourgignon; Cassoulet Toulousain, et Moussaka, à toutes heures

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant/Saint David's day all day Saturday March 1st in my bar, not a huge place, but convivial; Welsh & Breton music from: LLEUWEN STEFFAN; BERNEZ TANGI; GWELTAZ AR FUR, and possibly KATELL & FRED. Sunday March 2nd at 6pm. '6 o'clock' (the name of the group) comprising saxo, flute, guitars,percussion, and vocals.

Friday, 31 January 2014

A reply

This is my reply to Christian Saunders below: The English language evolves because it doesn't have a base; there's no 'English' dictionary, it's just called that, it's a book of latin, greek and german. French doesn't have a base, but the opposite of English they've deliberately stopped their language evolving by acts of Parliament with the 'Acadamie Francaise' looking after this part of French culture. If language is not central to cultural or national identity then why do you think that the first thing that the oppressors do is to re-educate their subjects to the new foreign language and that one of the first acts, as in the Baltic States, is to throw out the language of the oppressors, Russian in their case, French and English in mine. Of course it's central to our culture and our nationhood otherwise Acts of Parliament wouldn't have been passed to ban them being taught, anyway it's all in the past now that we are capable of being bi-lingual and that our oppressors are hopefully becoming more enlightened. Christian Saunders: Welsh is indeed a very old and beautiful language, but linguistics is not central to cultural or national identity. language as an entity is constantly evolving. I'll give you an example. When I worked in China I met a rather pompous Englishman in a bar, who thought he was extremely clever by dropping a few Welsh words in the conversation, which he had learned online. Admittedly, I had no idea what some of them meant. But does that make this guy more 'Welsh' than me? Because he knew a few more words in Welsh? Categorically, no. I was born in Wales, and so were my parents and grand parents. I spent the first 27 years of my life there. That is worth much more than visiting a website.


I'd just like to say that we are not the only country to undergo a forced transformation (sadly accepted by the majority for whatever disparate their reasons)), how many Hawaiians do you see on Magnum, and the French don't have a Commonwealth, they have an Empire wherein Langue d'oîl (French to us) is the only official language, and where black Africans are taught that their ancestors were Gauls.


.....and the Scots don't lead the way, they came from Ireland, were taken over very early by the Normans: Wallace was of a Welsh family; Bruce was Norman; Stuart Breton. It was as though the Norman 'Lords' of Glamorgan had taken over Wales and rebelled against the king of England, which is what basically happened in Scotland, which if you remember was Caledonia, it's only Cymru which has stayed an historical entity since before the Roman invasion. We were annexed by a Welsh king of England because rightly or wrongly he thought it was in our interest. The Welsh bourgeoisie agreed with him leading to the Welsh running England, Anglicising their names and moving their seats to England so there is no more any trace of their heritage. You who have stayed have an ancient heritage to be proud of that doesn't only belong in museums, why be proud of an attachment to a foreign culture moreso than your own? I don't get it, and if things stay this way never will. Bi-lingualism exists today allowing Cymraeg to take its rightful place in Welsh society so that no-one needs to be threatened anymore on either side of the argument. And no, North Walian first language Welsh speakers never spent their time in the pubs, cafes and shops speaking a second language English whilst lying in wait for non- Welsh speakers to turn up a few times a year so that they could deliberately turn to their first language Welsh. There is so much mistrust yet we are all Welsh, I wish I could say together.

Welshness (3)

I and all my friends went through our lives in Merthyr Tydfil without a word of the language between us, it was later that I found out that there were first language Welsh speakers in the villages around the town who had to change to English to go shopping. I organized Welsh classes in a pub in one of the villages so that after the lessons in the lounge we could intermingle with the regulars, they were content that we could join in with their discussions, that was the Six Bells, Heolgerrig, I also organized classes in the Crown where the landlady was a Welsh speaker from Pontneddfechan happy to hear Cymraeg in the bar. I remember also speaking to the older fraternity in the 'Owain Glyndwr' on Pontmorlais where I was learning the local dialect with them before moving to Brittany. The welcome we had from the Welsh speakers who were daily denied their inheritance was humbling.


Just in case anyone's asking questions; I'm a Merthyr boy who didn't know that the Welsh language even existed anymore until I was 12 years of age when I was given Mrs Jones as a Welsh teacher and she asked my fellow pupils who amongst us spoke Welsh, I was surprised if not shocked when some of them raised their hands. I have always been a proud Welshman, as are many of you, even though there was never a word of Welsh spoken in my family, leading me to think that it was a redundant language. I understood that it is a living language basically when practising it out loud for homework in my garden, my neighbour began speaking to me, then I found out that all my neighbours spoke Welsh including my next door neighbour who wasn't chapel but a Rhondda miner. I don't care who you are, there's no fulfillment in being Welsh without having a certain curiosity towards our mother tongue. There again if you think that Wales is an integral part of English rule within a monoglot system then there's no hope. I won't self-righteously pity you because we each have opinions on these things, but you are definitely missing out on the wholeness of your identity, something that no-one else can share with us.

Welshness (2)

Dafydd ap Gwilym, you may now ask who, was a Welshman universally recognized as one of the greatest of the medieval romantic poets; I'm sorry that not understanding his poetry doesn't mean that you feel less Welsh, but it does mean that you can't contribute to the wholeness of our society! We are English speakers with Welsh 'Taffy' accents that have nothing to contribute beyond the 18th century of a country with a pre-Roman heritage. The relatively new chapels with their concomitant choirs are already dying out, no more do we hear the Welsh hymns in what was surround sound at the Arms Park in Cardiff before it existed in modern technology . It logically follows that if the language is in a sorry state then so must be the country. A country that favours a foreign language with no want nor worthy consideration of its own is it worth saving? Sorry I forgot there's a rugby match on saturday, may we keep this in abeyance at least for the next two months?


Losing a language and gaining another, although it shouldn't apply as bi-lingualism is accepted everywhere today, means that although we may say that no-one is less Welsh in not having the benefits of an ancient culture, English is new to Wales, it means that although we may understand the poetry of Dylan Thomas, we are incapable of understanding the words of Dafydd ap Gwilym, arguably the greatest poet that Wales has ever given to the world! Welsh, whether one likes it or not is fundamental to the national psyche, for or against the nation turns around it, and without it we wouldn't be any different to Lancashire and Yorkshire which many of you would have us believe.

Thursday, 30 January 2014



The Rhondda Valleys were opened up at the time of the Irish famine bringing many to Wales, many others went to Merthyr which was already the largest town in Wales built on the migration from all parts of Wales attracted by the high wages. The Rhondda miners were Welsh speakers, and Welsh was the predominant language well into the 1920s in Merthyr, although to go shopping in the town centre English had to be used. Cardiff and Newport would have been built on Irish & West Country labour, so much so that whe Lloyd George visited the South in order to put across his ideas of Cymru Fydd he was shouted down by the audience claiming that they the 'English' wouldn't stand for it. Now through assimilation we are all Welsh, 'English', 'Irish' and native Welsh, but although we all support the 'National' rugby team we don't, sadly in my opinion, all support the National Mother tongue. For some unspecific reason, partly through lack of self-esteem, partly through wanting to 'get on', partly through the 'wrong' education and continuing immigration that we are finding impossible to control, not having the tools to do so the 'natives' are losing out on self-preservation. One has to ask oneself is it important? Apparently, except for a small minority, so long as we can win the 6 Nations it isn't, notwithstanding that rugby is the only thing that can give us any pride in ourselves! 'A Nation without a language is a Nation without a heart; that begets the question, are we a Nation?

Friday, 10 January 2014


Let's get this straight; a Breton or a Welshman fighting for his rights whether cultural or political, or both, in defence against forces beyond his measure, as in drowning with a foot on the head, does he politely drown, does he pull the foot away and ask please not to do it again, or does he take things into his own hands? This word 'fascist' has been bandied about irresponsibly and is an insult to the people who suffered and were killed under these regimes. Nazis/Phalangists/Fascists were extreme right wing parties, superior forces denying democracy in Germany, Spain and Italy; they didn't broke any opposition and they killed homosexuals, gypsies, and Jews. The British Labour Party tries to make connections between Nationalists in Wales and Hitler's Party when we all know that the British establishment including some members of the Royal Family were in cahoots in their admiration of Hitler; the French government sent trainloads of Jews to the concentration camps. This is what fascism was, not Welsh, Bretons, Basques, Catalans etc. standing up for their rights, denied in France, allowed in Spain, but not yet fully recognized in a Welsh puppet government.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Not to confound issues: in Wales I was a child; a teenager, then a patriotic adult. Most of my real friends on f/b I knew as I was growing up before I became a nationalist; many now are the offspring of my old friends. In 1979 I moved to Brittany, I'm still patriotic, but now I have two countries, although before the 12th century they were but one, not France, but Britons on both sides of the Channel. I am now a dutiful, hopefully, grandfather (Pappy Bynn) to 3 wonderful children to my daughter. I am also a little businessman running a little bar in a little village so I can't take too many risks in becoming too controversial, however Churchill said that all publicity is good publicity, I'm risking a loss of popularity, but there again hopefully some of my readers will want to come along to see who is this man who's writing these things.
On est on Bretagne et on a besoin du monde pour défendre le Pays; ni les partisans Russes, ni les Jacobins Francais vont nous aider. Les patriots Bretons ne sont pas plus 'fascho' que les independantistes Catalans, Basques, Corses, Ecossais, ou Gallois, que j'ai honte a dire que nous sommes les dernieres sur cet liste provisoire. Un peuple a le droit de la 'self-determination'; j'ai vecu la milantisme politique Gallois pendant des années; j'ai meme les amis qui'ils ont plantées les bombes dans leurs idées de lutter contre leur perception de l'injustice Anglais. C'est possible que j'ai malcomris ton argument, mais il n'y a riens fascist en cherchant l'independance, pas plus que les traitres Americans sous George Washington qui sont rester droites pour les riches jusque aujourd hui. C'est possible q'un certain ideology negative a entrée dans la politique, mais il faut poser les question pourquoi quand une societé entiere et en risque de disparaitre. D'ou ça viens le fascism quand le gouvernment Francais pendant la guerre envoyer les Juifs dans les trains de mourir et leur successeur De Gaule etait un Megalomane qui torturé les officiers Francais à Londres qui'ls etaitent loyaux d'un autre chef!!! Ou c'est possible que je n'ai riens compris de ton argument. Je ne comprend pas tout que tu a écrire en Francais profond comme tu est journaliste, pas moi. J'attend que la liberté c'applique au Bretons, Basques et Catalans.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pub or Politics?

I've been posting polemical arguments to provoke the thought processes, sometimes by being the Devil's advocate. I run a pub, and pubs & politics don't go together. I was very active politically in Wales, but we went to rooms to discuss affairs and to vote on them, and when finished went to the nearest bar, because a pub is for conviviality, not for bickering. However a country without a language is a country without a heart, and there've been too many transplants in Wales & Brittany where the languages remind me of the melting of the polar icecap. It is obvious that with minorities being overrun there is more immigration than is helpful which creates an imbalance that can be controlled only with difficulty, e.g. incoming businesses; shops, factories and pubs refusing the language of the area, that is despicable, it doesn't help either when party members from outside become local councillors with no knowledge of, forethought nor intent to save our communities, but also the Bretons & the Welsh are their own worst enemies, not helping the situation any. I believe in self determination for the historical peoples such as the Welsh, Bretons, Scots, Catalans, Basques etc., etc. This may (or may not) be my last word on the subject, but If you want the best Breton beers, a very eclectic music collection of Breton, Welsh, Irish, world, rock and folk music, then come and join me, but no politics please; conviviality is the name of the game. Facebook is as much a tool to bring in customers as anything, obviously not all of my almost 3000 f/b contacts are personal friends, though many of you are real friends who have been with me all my life. If I was only to rely on nationalists I could close tomorrow! If I was only to rely on musicians I could close tomorrow, same with bikers, or Welsh. The only sure thing is the Bretons, obviously for that's where I live, and they all have conflicting attitudes, Breton speakers who are against the language, and non- Breton speakers who are for, Bretons for re-unification, others who don't accept Nantes as Breton, though I must say that as far as I know I've never met a fascist in my life!!!

Sunday, 5 January 2014


In response to becoming a minority: The English have always been an ethnic minority; after the Germans conquered the Welsh they in turn were half conquered by the Danes who then left it to their cousins the Viking Normans who left the throne to the Angevin empire ruled by the French Plantagenet family keeping it until the Welsh Tudors took over before being replaced by the Scottish Stewarts, who were succeeded by the Dutch family of Orange, followed by the Hanovers, the German family who rule over Britain today! Considering that Britain has never had an English ruling family an argument about foreigners is a bit debatable to say the least! Until the early twentieth century we all spoke Welsh in the valleys, then German, sorry English became gradually more & more introduced. Today hardly anyone speaks Welsh we all speak German, sorry English, and we consider it our own language which is blatantly illogical. Imagine if another similar culture such as Roumanian or Hungarian would be assimilated in the same way say in 50 years or so would we be going to a match in Cardiff not understanding a word of the national anthem; whoops, I forgot, we don't today do we? What's to be proud of, tell me what we are defending when we are letting go an ancient Welsh heritage to protect what?

Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year

Out of work for 3 years; 2013 was a testing time to get the pub back on the rails, my first Christmas & New Year back at the bar for 4 years and I've never felt better. It's going to get relatively quiet during January & February then I'll begin again with a bang, hopefully, with the first anniversary of the re-opening on 'Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant', Saint David's day, March 1st 2014, everyone's welcome.

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