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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

'Three Weird Sisters', a 1947 film about the happenings in a Welsh mining village turned up the other day on Youtube for 48 hours only; I'd never previously heard of it. Today as I said I picked up 'Dylan Thomas', a biography of the poet, and by a buzarre co-incidence there it was on the 3rd page of chapter 2:

"But Leigh Aman, now Lord Marley, who was production manager of 'Three Weird Sisters' after the war, says categorically that Thomas spent three weeks virtually locked up on the top floor of the Royal Court Hotel in London writing the script."

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

In the taxi on the way to the hospital I finished the second volume of 'River Out of Eden' a novel about the growth of Cardiff written by Jack Jones, a Merthyr boy born behind the Theatre Royal on the edge of Darren view and not far from my old Queen's Rd. Infants School, I put it down and picked up 'DYLAN THOMAS' by Paul Ferris, a birthday present.
Yesterday was very quiet; I won't be opening on Mondays any more until Easter or Whitsun. I had 3 customers from La Martyre (in French), Merzher (in Brezhoneg (Brythoneg)/Breton), Merthyr (in Cymraeg/Welsh. Today no better except for three 15 euros t(ee)-shirts, top quality. Went to Morlaix this morning for my chemotherapy session, got back to the bar before 4pm, waste of my time, so I won't be opening on Tuesdays anymore this year either. My daughter for one will be happy that I'll be resting for at least two days a week while I'm under treatment.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

My daughter's birthday, she came into this world 37 years ago and now has 3 children of her own. The bar was quiet again today, BUT! Collorec, La Feuillée, Brennilis, Landivisiau, Guilvinec, Douarnenez, Brest & Rennes; Sunday day outers but no tourists.
Little accident at the bar yesterday, my bag came unstuck, fortunately two of my nurses had come back for a quiet drink and there was a change of clothes in my car. A quiet day for a Saturday, although there were customers from Collorec, Huelgoat, Berrien, Locmaria-Berrien, Carhaix, Plouguerneau, Lannion, Paimpol, Nantes & Normandy.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Following on from yesterday, a group turned up today from Lyons carrying with them the Geoguide, they were happily satisfied. Nothing surprises me where my pub is concerned, I mentioned to a middle aged married couple that there had been a terrorist attack in Barcelona, they said that they already knew as their children were just 20 metres from the incident and had phoned to say that they were safe.
Began slowly, one man, one 'diabolo menthe' (lemonade with mint cordial), chatting for an hour, went outside for a sit in my car for a few minutes, then this seeming tide of people came past me and entered into the bar, 20 Breton learners and a group of Cardiffians, friends of Al Tal, all in one go; as is usual these days, even with a driver, one drink each, when a second or third would make a great difference to the till. Although it finished a relatively quiet day there was a visitor from Amsterdam with his Cornish girlfriend. I may as well add that although I've been taken out of most guide books because of my 3 years closure due to a fire, I still have a very favourable article in the Geoguide and am 5 star recommended in both Trip Advisor and Google. I used to be in the backpackers 'Guide du Routard/Trotter as one of the best bar addresses in Brittany, so I find it particularly hard to lose that one, although all the guides that I was in (including The Michelin) recommended me favourably, 3 years was too long to be closed, giving the idea that it was permanent, and just when my trade was building back there was this latest closure of 7 months which is a lot when the custom base is spread so far; I thank my lucky stars for Facebook.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

  1. Quiet for a bank holiday, but a fine mixture of Merthyr (born in London), Ystradgynlais, Walsall, Cornwall, Devon, Bassaleg, Basque country (south), Burton, Ivory Coast; some living here, some on holidays; plus Bretons of course.

Monday, 14 August 2017

My Owain Glyndwr flag came today to replace the one that Ap Steffan (Castro) gave me that went up in flames when the pub burned down. Diolch yn fawr Sian Ifan

Thursday, 10 August 2017


  1. Went for my chemotherapy, asked them to bring it forward now that I'm back in work which they did, the Basque couple sent me our photo together (see below) by e-mail. I close at 10pm in the week instead of 1am in order to catch up on my rest, at 10.30pm there were people wanting to come in, too late sorry, they'd read on the internet that I close at 1am, I explained my case, they understood, they'll be back tomorrow they said.
With my Basque customers:

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Basques were back (photos to follow), so were the Australians (his father from Maesteg, her father Irish) whom I forgot to mention yesterday, and the couple who live and trade in neighbouring businesses in Paris, plus the regulars including the Kentish couple and the rugby player from Gloucester who rides to the bar on a Royal Mail bicycle from a house down the road. Mick originally from near Burton is in every day and changes my barrels for me.

Saturday was quiet with many customers at the 'Fête du Stang', Landelo/Landeleau, or at the F.I.L. (Festival InterCeltique), An Oriant/Lorient. Sunday afternoon was quiet with the exception of a group of 11 motorbikers, then when I was thinking of an early closing it flowered, with Westy & Liliane, a couple of Basques (who gave me a bottle of 'Eskartxa', licor de endrinas) and groups of others. Because of my illness I shouldn't stay too late so I closed at 10pm.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Amongst my first customers today were tourists from Groningen, The Netherlands; not many in otherwise, glad to get Monday and Tuesday over with, although there was a visit from f/b friend Christophe Baron and his Mexican wife who came after reading about the re-opening.

Monday, 31 July 2017

  1. I forgot about the Flemish Belgians this week-end, what reminded me was that my first customers today were Flemish Belgians, with Fiats & an Alpha Romero, the others were cyclists.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

  1. I'm back in business, all in all a good week-end. Westy turned up from Cymru in the company of his beloved Liliane (birthday tomorrow), Morwenna came from Plougastell with husband & daughter, Michel from Kemper, Maurice from Landerne(au, a load of others particularly locals, and dare I say this; thank goodness for the English and their pints. The British have a pub culture the Bretons don't, I run arguably the only traditional pub in the region.

  1. I was right to have a pre-reopening; we had problems with the 'blonde' & 'blanche' because the cooler hadn't been switched on, now everything is set up for today. However, besides that it was a good day, closing at mid-night.

Télé Star Special Bretagne (Tourisme), Programmes du 15 au 21 Juillet. Entretien avec Pierre Josse "Les paysages de la lande bretonne me fascinent"; Pierre Josse a la carte <<grand voyageur>>: rédacteur en chef des Guide du routard durant 39 ans, il a arpenté plus de 100 pays !
Le Breton publie un journal de bord de ses aventures et rencontres aux quatre coins du monde................
...............Où faites-vous vos plus belles rencontres dans la région?
A Plouyé, chez l'ami Byn, un de ces vieux troquets que j'affectionne. J'aime aussi me faire des copains lors du Festival interceltique de Lorient.

  1. Beer's in: ambrée (real ale best bitter); blonde bio (organic lager); white/wheat beer (beer blanche); local cider, wine: white (vin blanc/gwin gwenn); red (vin rouge/gwin ruz) et 'rosé'; perrier; orange juice; tea; coffee; lemonade, opening time:15h/3pm.

Je trouve qu'il y a beaucoup d'ignorance à propos des Gallois; ici c'est un extrait du 'Contes et Légendes du pays breton', par Yann Brekilien - 'Saint Suliau et Les Anes Paralyses':
'...... Vous savait que les Gallois sont des Bretons comme nous, gens de la presqu'île armoricaine. C'est même une partie du peuple gallois qui, fuyant devant les invasions des Angles et des Saxons (V > Vl siècles) et venant se réfugier en Armorique, a bretonnisé nos ancêtres de l'epoque.'

New music for the bar, just received by the post from Pol Huellou 'Pol Huellou & Friends - The Lost Agenda' with Manuel Marchès (Double Bass), Denis Colin (Bass Clarinette), Gilles Le Bigot, Michal Sunbauer, Christophe Menguy (Guitars), Vasken Solakien ('oud), C. Normant (Claviers), Paul Rodden (Banjo and Artwork), and a number of others.
C.D. Format: Dialogues Musiques Brest
Or directly payment by Paypal or by cheque. Contact by mail.
Download and streaming: CDBaby and most internet platforms.

Contact and Information: Pol Huellou + 33 6 16 43 16 26

Friday, 21 July 2017

  1. An important step forward has been taken; the beer has been ordered, all Coreff: Ambrée/Amber best bitter; Blonde bio/Organic lager; Stout; Blanche/Wheat beer and I.P.A. We're getting there.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Latest news is that I'll be leaving hospital Wednesday July 19 at 2pm.
My hospitalisation is coming to an end after six and a half months off and on. The operation was successful but I still have to undergo chemotherapy every fortnight for four months, apparently to tidy everything up so that nothing comes back. I have a temporary bag initially for three months, but now the surgeon will wait for the therapy to finish, then I will be returning to hospital at Brest for a second operation to put everything back to normal, except for the prostate for which I will receive a hormonal injection once every three months. The summer is with us so after discussions with my hospital doctor, the radiographer, the surgeon and the oncologist I've decided to re-open the pub/bar on SATURDAY JULY 29 at 3pm in time for my 66th birthday on August 3. There will be a small pre-opening at 3pm on Friday July 28.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 and a1/2 months in & out of hospital led to my operation at the Cavale Blanche, Brest 2 weeks ago, all my tubes have gone but for my temporary (3 months) bag; yesterday I began 3 weeks convalescence in Carhaix.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Operated on Tuesday morning, had my first proper meal today (Sunday) at mid-day, fish & boiled potatoes accompanied by an apple & banana compote and a café au lait. Three tubes leading out of my body, my stomach's still a bit sore, especially when I  cough, which is a bit too often, otherwise I'm feeling very well. Another few days here at the Cavale Blanche, Brest, then 3 weeks convalescence probably/hopefully at Carhaix.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

A Fleeting Passion

Though shalt not laugh, though shalt not romp,
Let's grimly kiss with bated breath;
As quietly and solemnly
As life when it is kissing Death.
Now in the silence of the grave,
My hand is squeezing that soft breast;
While thou dost in such passion lie,
It mocks me with its look of rest.

But when the morning comes at last,
And we must part, our passions cold,
You'll think of some new feather, scarf
To buy with my small piece of gold,
And I'll be dreaming of green lanes,
Where little things with beating hearts
Hold shining eyes between the leaves,
Till men with horses pass, and carts.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Merthyr Tydfil:
To The Memory of Keir Hardie

They have talked of Merthyr Tydfil,
wherever men were free.
To honour those who toiled and died,
for human liberty.

And men have told her troubled tale,
to spur the sons of men.
When hopes were faint or flagging,
to lift their hearts again.

Friday, 2 June 2017

A Day In Autumn

It will not always be like this,
The air windless, a few last
Leaves adding their decoration
To the trees' shoulders, braiding the cuffs
Of the boughs with gold, a bird preening

In the lawns mirror. Having looked up
From the day's chores, pause a minute,
Let the mind take its photograph
Of the bright scene, something to wear
Against the heart in the long cold.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Yr Ysgwrn

'A gwelais wrth gerdded mwsog dy lwybrau
Gestyll henllwyd a phrudd,
Ar hen dywysogion drengodd ym mwydrau
Yno yn codi o angof eu beddau
Yn fanadl a llygaid dydd.'

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Dyfed a siomed, symud—ei mawrair,
      Am eryr bro yr hud;
   Doe wiwdymp yn dywedud,

Cyn hyn, Lywelyn, olud—tiriogaeth,
      Tŷ rhagof nis caeud;
   Agwrdd udd y gerdd oeddud,

Pryd glwys, prudd dadwys prif dud,—praff awdur
      Proffwydair, balchsyth, drud,
   Prif dda wawd, prawf ddywedud,

Fy ngheinllyw difyw, Deifr helgud,—baham,
      Bwhwman deigr neud glud,
   Fy nghanllaw y'm gadawud,

Gwawr gwir nef a llawr, llef alltud—oedd hon,
      Hyn oedd ddygn nas clywud;
   Gwae fi, Geli pob golud,

Pendefig, gwledig gwlad hud—is dwfn,
      Ys difai y'm dysgud.
   Pob meistrolrwydd a wyddud,

Neud dwfn dy alar, neud difud—fy llef
      Am fy llyw cadarnddrud,
   Nid diboen na'm atebud,

Gwae fi fod, elw clod, ail Clud—nyw ballodd,
      Heb allel dywedud,
   Gwn ofal tost gan ofud,

Gwae fi, Grist Celi, caled—o'm rhyfig
      A rhyfedd y'm cosbed,
   Gwymp oeddem oll cyn colled,

Gwae fi, Grist Celi, calon doll—yw'r fau,
      Wyf fyfyr am ddygngoll,
   Campus eirf, cwmpas arfoll,

Gwae fyfi fy Rhi, rhoi i'th ddarpar—Duw,
      Dwyn cadarnwalch cerddgar,
   Nid rhodd gŵyl, neud rhudd galar,

Gwae fi ddwyn, ail brwyn, breiniawl gyhoedd—llu,
      Llywodraeth y bobloedd;
   Lleas taerfalch, lles torfoedd,

Gwae fi weled, trwydded drwg,
Neuaddau milwr, tŵr teg,
Annawn oes, un yn ysig,

Gwae'r nai a oerai, a ery—gweled,
      Gwaelawd cof a'm deffry,
   Y llys fraith yn llaesu fry,

Llys gwin ac emys, ddigamoedd—gyllid,
      Och golli a'i gwnaddoedd,
   Llys naf aur, lles niferoedd,

Os marw fy ewythr, ys mawr—o ryfedd,
      Aur Afia Cymru i lawr,
   Nad eddwyf, nai a'i diddawr,

Gŵr oedd Lywelyn, gwir ganu—prudd,
      Cyn rhoi pridd i'w ddeutu,
   Pwynt rhyfel heb ymgelu,

Gŵr, nid gwas, a las o loes archoll—dur,
      A diriaid fu'r dygngoll,
   Gwrawl hawl mewn helm drwydoll,

Pwnc truan oerwan am eurwas—yw hyn,
      Honni mawr alanas,
   Cain arddelw cyfan urddas,

Dihareb yw hon, dywirir—ym mro,
      A laddo a leddir.
   Diben fo, hwn a dybir,

Llithr ddagrau bid mau, modd chweg,—och allell
      A chyllell faelereg,
   Llawer och dost ar osteg,

Nid diofal, ffyrfdal ffêr,
Y gelyn a wnêl galar;
A laddo dyn â'i loywddur,

Heilbryn flodeuyn diwyd—a dderyw,
      Ddeurudd diymoglyd;
   Llwyr ydd aeth, gwingaeth gyngyd,

      A gaiff dial cuall;
   A wnêl drwg o dreigl anghall

Dall fydd byd, dull gwŷd gwedy,—ddwyn llygad
      Oedd yn Lloegr a Chymru.
   Dwg i'th wledd, ni'm gomeddy,

Cyfiawnder fu ef, cyfundeb—cyrdd aur,
      Cerddwriaeth ddoethineb;
   Cyweirdant pob cywirdeb,

Lles bychan buan yw bod—yn rhullfalch,
      A'r hollfyd fel ffurf rhod;
   Llew syberw lliaws wybod,

Llew olwg farchog, Llywelyn,—o'th las
      I'th lys deg yn Emlyn,
   Llai yw'r dysg, medd llawer dyn,

Och ddwyn Llywelyn, och ddoeth,—a ddodaf,
      Och a ddyd ei gyfoeth,
   Och rydd a roddaf drannoeth,

Och, och, y Ddôl Goch, ddaly gŵyl—barchus
      Am dy berchen annwyl;
   Och wedy'r ddwyoch ddiwyl,

Wylais lle gwelais lle gwely—f'arglwydd,
      Band oedd fawrglod hynny?
   Gair ateb, wyf gâr yty,

Gwaelfyrn gwawl tefyrn, gweli tafawd,—gwaith
      Gwaeth bellach myfyrdawd;
   Gwaeg cedyrn, gwag yw ceudawd,

Salw a thost am iôr costrith,
Selerwin fyrdd-drin feirdd-dreth,
Campus reddf cwmpas roddfath,

Coeth edling, fflowr dling dy lis—oreuraid,
      Wared clochdy Paris;
   Cymro glew a'n gadewis,

Truan ac eirian, pawb a garo—dadl,
      Aed Landudoch heno;
   Doethineb neud aeth yno,
   Diwyd grair dan dywod gro.

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