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Friday, 29 December 2017

I'm going from one thing to another: renal insufficiency, to lack of red corpuscles; lack of red corpuscles; too much potassium, now it's a too low hemoglobine level, leading too my G.P. telling me that I'm working on only half-power. Blood-transfusion & tests next Tuesday to find out where there's a blood leak because at the moment they have no idea as there are no outward signs, bit of an enigma! Hope to have a good new year's holiday period which will be followed by the annual low of January & February, starting up again at Easter. By the way, a special thanks to Fran May with her pianist for her concert on Dec. 23.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Ouvert aujourd'hui, Dimanche et Lundi a 14h/Open today, Sunday and Monday at 2p.m.

Friday, 22 December 2017

  1. N'OUBLIEZ PAS! Demain soir, Samedi 23 Dec. à 18h: MUSIQUE et CHANTS avec FRAN MAY.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Big day at the Coreff brewery yesterday for the proverbial, plus food & music. I didn't go until the evening because of my routine nurses visits. Mike drove me down, where on the way we encountered a lake where the road should have been, quite disturbing; arriving late, most of the guests had already left, plus many of my friends and colleagues hadn't turned up due to the bad weather, we said hello, drank a few beers, then parted after saying good-night to all, leaving the stragglers at the bar.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

A big day yesterday beginning with a hospital visit for an MRI scan on my liver with positive results; followed by a great evening full of ambiance led by George Cadoudal & friends with their bagpipes, Fran May and her pianist with a celebration of songs, Gareth y Cymro with his 'Jac y Do' comic Welsh song, interviews & anecdotes, chestnuts roasted on the open fire and picau ar y maen (Welsh Cakes), all filmed by France 3 Rennes. Now we wait to see the bar on the telly..

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Demain, 8/11/17 à 18h; tele France 3, musique et chants. Vous êtes tous invité.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Spain is different to the Uk, The English don't have a parliament and rule only by dint of a larger population, whereas the Castilian oligarchy rules supreme in Spain, the Catalans are not Castilians, they have their own language, politics and culture, so why shouldn't they stand on their own if they want to? It appears as though the spirit of Franco is still extant. Nobody complained when Scandinavia split up, nor the Czechs and Slovaks. If there is any democracy it should allow for annexed countries to liberate themselves. The days of Empire whether internal or external are over, or should be.

Friday, 27 October 2017

One of my terrace tables with its chairs had disappeared from outside the bar by the time I came in today.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

  1. Ambiance voulue pour 18h Mercredi 8 novembre La télévision France 3 arrive et il ne serait pas bien s'il n'y avait personne ici, alors aidez s'il vous plaît. Ils aimeraient de la musique et des anecdotes si possible.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

To recap slightly, now that I'm feeling better and beginning to put back on a bit of weight, a good sign, I want to get out into the fresh air with camera in hand, although I can't go far because I have to be home for the 3 times a day nurses visits. Monday I went out looking for a holy well I saw on one of my French versions of the ordnance survey maps. A few years ago I had in my possession maps for almost the whole of Brittany so that I could search for castles, manor houses, chapels with their holy wells, menhirs and other objects I found particularly interesting, unfortunately I lost them when my car took in water. Anyway I bought two new ones last week; HUELGOAT MONTS D'ARREE & MORLAIX. I went looking for St. Michel/Michael's well I saw on the map but had difficulty finding. I drove to the tourist office in Brasparts but as it was a Monday it was closed. I decided to buy 2 more maps but couldn't find anywhere open. I drove to Commana where I bought neighbouring maps to the ones I already had. After taking advice I drove back to below the chapel where I thought I'd find the well opposite an old creperie, I knocked the door, no answer, I went behind where a man clapped his hands, it was Jean, the old landlord with a reputation of being slightly eccentric, the reason he clapped was that he could hardly speak due to an operation on his cancerous throat 5 years ago so he did it to attract my attraction. I introduced myself, he had a brown paper bag from which he took out a pistol, giving me bad thoughts as we were very isolated, then he signalled me to march on, we crossed the road, he followed with the gun in hand, he walked me further on by clapping and pointing, he directed me on across some type of a garden more isolated, more thoughts, to the left, then to the right, where was he taking me? Then he pointed out the well hidden in the undergrowth. It was a bit of an anti-climax it not being of the quality I was looking for, With a great sense of relief, and disappointment, I walked back to my car and drove home; that was Monday, Tuesday I went by taxi, paid for by the French health system, to the Cavale Blanch/Ar Gaseg Gwenn hospital an hour away in Brest where a plastic tube was inserted by way of the hole in my belly, then filled with water to clean my intestines while manoeuvering the x-ray machine, there was a subsequent problem with the evacuation of the water taking hours to complete. Today (Wednesday) the taxi took me on a half-hour drive to the hospital in Morlaix/Montroulez for my penultimate chemotherapy session. This evening I had a surprise visit from the lovely harpist/singer Dana who gave us a little musical session with her little celtic harp, highly appreciated.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Went out for an afternoon drive, visited St. Divy (Dewi Sant/Saint David)'s chapel in Plouneour Menez, door was locked, as they are in most chapels these days, and two manor houses, the owners of the first one knew me and allowed me to take photos, the second one didn't know me but welcomed me and invited me back.

  1. Gardner wanted: I have two parterres with primroses, wild & garden daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, but mainly yellow & blue irises, that need to be moved 150 yards.

Monday, 2 October 2017

I allowed the village football team to bring their own food & drink into the bar yesterday after their 6-1 defeat of Spezet C in the same way that many years ago I used to do the same for a group of people that eventually evolved into 'Les Vieilles Charrues', the largest musical festival in France, the French equivalent of 'Glastonbury'. The old team was disbanded years ago and has only now been re-formed; They are starting at the bottom but have already scored six in a previous match, and knocked Chateauneuf/Castellnevez who are divisions above them out of a cup competition. I hope they keep up their victories and their after match visit to the pub, so long as they drink at the bar afterwards.

Friday, 29 September 2017

First off; the bailiff hasn't been back in spite of saying that he would phone two weeks ago, no reimboursement; my daughter phoned his office where the secretary castigated her for asking for monsieur instead of maitre Fontani, he still hasn't phoned back, looks a bit negligent to me! Monday Paul had a marvellous send-off, normal for the respect he earned throughout his adult life, they could have filled another church with the numbers who failed to get in. Drinks were offered in the packed hall of 'The Chaudron' opposite, Coreff naturally as he was part owner. Last week I was told that I had too much potassium, so I gave up bananas & Vichy water, this week I've been told that I have a problem with my kidneys so I must drink at least a bottle of Vichy a day. I went into hospital Wednesday for my chemotherapy expecting to leave at 2pm, but they kept me all night for 12 hours and more for re-hydration. They've taken out one of the ingredients of the chemo therapy as it was harmful to my kidneys. I was lent, for me, a very interesting, book, which I took with me, I should have taken two books!, written by George East called 'French Impressions', 'Brittany', 'Brittany in a Book'. He and his wife bought a house in the region which he goes on to describe, including a short complimentary mention of me. This afternoon two Swiss tourists interested in Breton folklore turned up at the bar. They suggested that I'm well known because at Saint Brieuc they were advised to come here. They haven't left yet.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Just finished the 1948 official biography of Lloyd George (458 pp) by Malcolm Thomson with the collaboration of Frances, Countess Lloyd-George of Dwyfor.He began as a Welsh nationalist before turning British patriot. He won the first world war, was respected by all except those of factions of his own party, Churchill learned from him and If he'd been listened to there probably wouldn't have been 2 million out of work, no shamefully wasted deaths at Passchendaele or the 'Gallipoli' and no appeasement or growth of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco, no German and Italian annexations, or second world war but too many people of his own party didn't trust him, this highly individual brilliant politician and country lawyer who stood head & shoulders above anyone else. He was disliked by important politicians who he'd snubbed in the past and would do anything to keep him out of government, he was hated by Neville Chamberlain but Churchill stayed a close friend.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Just back from Morlaix where I went for my chemotherapy, but instead underwent a scan and ecography to confirm that they've found a nodule on my liver; it doesn't necessarily mean bad news, but they may have to change my treatment accordingly.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

New Saturday & Sunday opening at 12:30h/pm

Thursday, 14 September 2017

I wonder whether I should mention my colostomy bag, be warned that it's not to everyone's taste, it's only a temporary situation and was stuck directly on to my skin and changed every day, trouble was that it kept coming unstuck with its unfortunate results leading me to always be prepared by having a change of clothing with me at all times. Because of these incidents we have adapted the system, now I have a block stuck to the skin changed every three days with a bag that's changed every day fixed on to it. I am impatiently waiting for the operation that will take place on Jan 11 more than a month after the chemotherapy ends.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

  1. The bailiff came by this afternoon, my daughter had my papers showing that all my debts (after hospitalization and 3 years 7 months out of work) are being reimbursed on a monthly basis, he seemed a bit bewildered, tomorrow he'll be checking up from his side and will be coming back later with his decision on whether or not to give me my money back, otherwise, having taken the little amount I earned in August I risk an 'interdiction bancaire' when my debts are called in and I won't be able to pay.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Good friendly atmosphere tonight (isn't it always I hear you ask rhetorically). I didn't want to spoil things so I let them stay until 11:45 pm, the latest so far since the reopening. The legal limit is 1am, but that would be too much for me at the moment..

  1. Quite a day yesterday, Had a10am appointment with my surgeon, he booked me a table for Jan 11; 3pm the two Irish ladies who have a house in Loqueffret entered the bar with Piau, a French singer from Montpellier, who left me her second album, she already gave me her first. In the evening a crowd of women friends came here for what they call their 'Tupperware' evening which it isn't really. Something happened that sickened me more than my chemotherapy: I was out of work for 3 y...ears due to a fire leading to a loss of custom as many of my customers come from afar and there was no way of knowing of the reopening other than f/b, I was also thrown out of the guide books, Over four years after the reopening they were returning to the fold, then calamity! I collapsed with diabetes, in the hospital they found three cancers which led to seven months hospitalization and another closure; I was advised not to work this year, but I couldn't miss out on August, my best month for the money it brings in, to work on the debts accumulated during 3 years and seven months out of work. By earning enough and with the help from friends I managed to put a bit aside, and with the agreement of the organizations to pay them back on a monthly basis. I looked up my bank a/c yesterday, there was nothing left, the bailiff ha called it in even though my debts are regularly reimbursed, my daughter has the dossiers to show the baillif for our rendezvous Wednesday afternoon when hopefully I can get him to reverse the decision.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Irish couple from West Cork came back today after a visit yesterday. Five English motorcyclists came in this afternoon, they should have been six but one of them riding his bike on the left outside Morlaix ran into an oncoming car and was killed instantly. Two potential concerts, no details yet, with our favourite Welsh Breton female artistes, Lleuwen and Fran May respectively. More information to follow.

Monday, 4 September 2017

3am: Finished 'Dylan Thomas' by Paul Ferris, Hodder And Stoughton 1977. A very unstable character indeed;

Sunday, 3 September 2017

What a day! A wedding party in the afternoon followed by the return of the by now framed englyn dedicated to me by last year's National Eisteddfod Chair winner:

I Byn Walters:

Ein Caer uwch dyfroedd Ker Is yw fan hyn,
Yfwn ni, pawb megis
Duwiau yn gwneud ein dewis
Awn ni at lan Ty Elise
Aneirin Karadog

And to top it off, ENILLODD CYMRU/WALES WON.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Yesterday, amongst others, there was a couple of customers from Llantrisant who were visiting a couple from Rhydaman (Ammanford) who have a gite in the locality.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

This morning on my memory page from 4 years ago René Griffiths sings Myfanwy; this afternoon Gweltaz Ar Fur walked into my bar with the man and his guitar. Gweltaz was the proprietor of the famous Breton book/record shop 'Ar Bed Keltiek' in Kemper (Quimper) (Cymer) before it closed, he was also the first President of 'Diwan' (Breton language schools) and a renowned musician, I remember when we got him to sing in Cefn, Merthyr supporting Meic Stevens. René is a Welsh Argentinian from Patagonia, the last time we met was in the Porthcawl interceltic festival organised by Derek Smith of the old 'Mabon', where he gave me his bi-lingual album sung in Cymraeg and Castillan (Argentinian version), a few days later we met up again at Meic Stevens's birthday party in the Coal Exchange, quite a co-incidence his being on my memory page the day he turns up at the bar. As they sat down and ordered a drink a couple walked in with whom René got chatting about music, to which another guitar was brought in, the two were identical Alhambras, the one from Paris, the other from Patagonia (a second co-incidence!). René sang for us in Welsh & Spanish, the Parisian played instrumentals.

Monday & Tuesday were my days of rest; Monday was shared with James Cagney, Edmund O'Brien and Dylan Thomas in between a lot of sleep, whilst Tuesday was banking and shopping in between eating and sleeping. While out shopping I met a Welsh couple from Y Dref Newydd (Newtown) who have a house in Locarn and are Eisteddfod goers when possible and also visitors to the Lorient InterCeltic Festival. She taught Welsh in Gellideg, Merthyr Tudful and knew of Phyl Griffiths's Zoar bookshop. They are returning to Cymru today, but hopefully they will be back to visit my bar in October.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Yesterday was the last day of the local 'pardon' (religious festival); I had a good day. From today onwards I'll be closing on Mondays & Tuesday.

  1. Had an englyn dedicated to me yesterday by last year's Eisteddfod chair winner; it will be framed.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

'Three Weird Sisters', a 1947 film about the happenings in a Welsh mining village turned up the other day on Youtube for 48 hours only; I'd never previously heard of it. Today as I said I picked up 'Dylan Thomas', a biography of the poet, and by a buzarre co-incidence there it was on the 3rd page of chapter 2:

"But Leigh Aman, now Lord Marley, who was production manager of 'Three Weird Sisters' after the war, says categorically that Thomas spent three weeks virtually locked up on the top floor of the Royal Court Hotel in London writing the script."

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

In the taxi on the way to the hospital I finished the second volume of 'River Out of Eden' a novel about the growth of Cardiff written by Jack Jones, a Merthyr boy born behind the Theatre Royal on the edge of Darren view and not far from my old Queen's Rd. Infants School, I put it down and picked up 'DYLAN THOMAS' by Paul Ferris, a birthday present.
Yesterday was very quiet; I won't be opening on Mondays any more until Easter or Whitsun. I had 3 customers from La Martyre (in French), Merzher (in Brezhoneg (Brythoneg)/Breton), Merthyr (in Cymraeg/Welsh. Today no better except for three 15 euros t(ee)-shirts, top quality. Went to Morlaix this morning for my chemotherapy session, got back to the bar before 4pm, waste of my time, so I won't be opening on Tuesdays anymore this year either. My daughter for one will be happy that I'll be resting for at least two days a week while I'm under treatment.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

My daughter's birthday, she came into this world 37 years ago and now has 3 children of her own. The bar was quiet again today, BUT! Collorec, La Feuillée, Brennilis, Landivisiau, Guilvinec, Douarnenez, Brest & Rennes; Sunday day outers but no tourists.
Little accident at the bar yesterday, my bag came unstuck, fortunately two of my nurses had come back for a quiet drink and there was a change of clothes in my car. A quiet day for a Saturday, although there were customers from Collorec, Huelgoat, Berrien, Locmaria-Berrien, Carhaix, Plouguerneau, Lannion, Paimpol, Nantes & Normandy.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Following on from yesterday, a group turned up today from Lyons carrying with them the Geoguide, they were happily satisfied. Nothing surprises me where my pub is concerned, I mentioned to a middle aged married couple that there had been a terrorist attack in Barcelona, they said that they already knew as their children were just 20 metres from the incident and had phoned to say that they were safe.
Began slowly, one man, one 'diabolo menthe' (lemonade with mint cordial), chatting for an hour, went outside for a sit in my car for a few minutes, then this seeming tide of people came past me and entered into the bar, 20 Breton learners and a group of Cardiffians, friends of Al Tal, all in one go; as is usual these days, even with a driver, one drink each, when a second or third would make a great difference to the till. Although it finished a relatively quiet day there was a visitor from Amsterdam with his Cornish girlfriend. I may as well add that although I've been taken out of most guide books because of my 3 years closure due to a fire, I still have a very favourable article in the Geoguide and am 5 star recommended in both Trip Advisor and Google. I used to be in the backpackers 'Guide du Routard/Trotter as one of the best bar addresses in Brittany, so I find it particularly hard to lose that one, although all the guides that I was in (including The Michelin) recommended me favourably, 3 years was too long to be closed, giving the idea that it was permanent, and just when my trade was building back there was this latest closure of 7 months which is a lot when the custom base is spread so far; I thank my lucky stars for Facebook.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

  1. Quiet for a bank holiday, but a fine mixture of Merthyr (born in London), Ystradgynlais, Walsall, Cornwall, Devon, Bassaleg, Basque country (south), Burton, Ivory Coast; some living here, some on holidays; plus Bretons of course.

Monday, 14 August 2017

My Owain Glyndwr flag came today to replace the one that Ap Steffan (Castro) gave me that went up in flames when the pub burned down. Diolch yn fawr Sian Ifan

Thursday, 10 August 2017


  1. Went for my chemotherapy, asked them to bring it forward now that I'm back in work which they did, the Basque couple sent me our photo together (see below) by e-mail. I close at 10pm in the week instead of 1am in order to catch up on my rest, at 10.30pm there were people wanting to come in, too late sorry, they'd read on the internet that I close at 1am, I explained my case, they understood, they'll be back tomorrow they said.
With my Basque customers:

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Basques were back (photos to follow), so were the Australians (his father from Maesteg, her father Irish) whom I forgot to mention yesterday, and the couple who live and trade in neighbouring businesses in Paris, plus the regulars including the Kentish couple and the rugby player from Gloucester who rides to the bar on a Royal Mail bicycle from a house down the road. Mick originally from near Burton is in every day and changes my barrels for me.

Saturday was quiet with many customers at the 'Fête du Stang', Landelo/Landeleau, or at the F.I.L. (Festival InterCeltique), An Oriant/Lorient. Sunday afternoon was quiet with the exception of a group of 11 motorbikers, then when I was thinking of an early closing it flowered, with Westy & Liliane, a couple of Basques (who gave me a bottle of 'Eskartxa', licor de endrinas) and groups of others. Because of my illness I shouldn't stay too late so I closed at 10pm.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Amongst my first customers today were tourists from Groningen, The Netherlands; not many in otherwise, glad to get Monday and Tuesday over with, although there was a visit from f/b friend Christophe Baron and his Mexican wife who came after reading about the re-opening.

Monday, 31 July 2017

  1. I forgot about the Flemish Belgians this week-end, what reminded me was that my first customers today were Flemish Belgians, with Fiats & an Alpha Romero, the others were cyclists.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

  1. I'm back in business, all in all a good week-end. Westy turned up from Cymru in the company of his beloved Liliane (birthday tomorrow), Morwenna came from Plougastell with husband & daughter, Michel from Kemper, Maurice from Landerne(au, a load of others particularly locals, and dare I say this; thank goodness for the English and their pints. The British have a pub culture the Bretons don't, I run arguably the only traditional pub in the region.

  1. I was right to have a pre-reopening; we had problems with the 'blonde' & 'blanche' because the cooler hadn't been switched on, now everything is set up for today. However, besides that it was a good day, closing at mid-night.

Télé Star Special Bretagne (Tourisme), Programmes du 15 au 21 Juillet. Entretien avec Pierre Josse "Les paysages de la lande bretonne me fascinent"; Pierre Josse a la carte <<grand voyageur>>: rédacteur en chef des Guide du routard durant 39 ans, il a arpenté plus de 100 pays !
Le Breton publie un journal de bord de ses aventures et rencontres aux quatre coins du monde................
...............Où faites-vous vos plus belles rencontres dans la région?
A Plouyé, chez l'ami Byn, un de ces vieux troquets que j'affectionne. J'aime aussi me faire des copains lors du Festival interceltique de Lorient.

  1. Beer's in: ambrée (real ale best bitter); blonde bio (organic lager); white/wheat beer (beer blanche); local cider, wine: white (vin blanc/gwin gwenn); red (vin rouge/gwin ruz) et 'rosé'; perrier; orange juice; tea; coffee; lemonade, opening time:15h/3pm.

Je trouve qu'il y a beaucoup d'ignorance à propos des Gallois; ici c'est un extrait du 'Contes et Légendes du pays breton', par Yann Brekilien - 'Saint Suliau et Les Anes Paralyses':
'...... Vous savait que les Gallois sont des Bretons comme nous, gens de la presqu'île armoricaine. C'est même une partie du peuple gallois qui, fuyant devant les invasions des Angles et des Saxons (V > Vl siècles) et venant se réfugier en Armorique, a bretonnisé nos ancêtres de l'epoque.'

New music for the bar, just received by the post from Pol Huellou 'Pol Huellou & Friends - The Lost Agenda' with Manuel Marchès (Double Bass), Denis Colin (Bass Clarinette), Gilles Le Bigot, Michal Sunbauer, Christophe Menguy (Guitars), Vasken Solakien ('oud), C. Normant (Claviers), Paul Rodden (Banjo and Artwork), and a number of others.
C.D. Format: Dialogues Musiques Brest
Or directly payment by Paypal or by cheque. Contact by mail.
Download and streaming: CDBaby and most internet platforms.

Contact and Information: Pol Huellou + 33 6 16 43 16 26

Friday, 21 July 2017

  1. An important step forward has been taken; the beer has been ordered, all Coreff: Ambrée/Amber best bitter; Blonde bio/Organic lager; Stout; Blanche/Wheat beer and I.P.A. We're getting there.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Latest news is that I'll be leaving hospital Wednesday July 19 at 2pm.
My hospitalisation is coming to an end after six and a half months off and on. The operation was successful but I still have to undergo chemotherapy every fortnight for four months, apparently to tidy everything up so that nothing comes back. I have a temporary bag initially for three months, but now the surgeon will wait for the therapy to finish, then I will be returning to hospital at Brest for a second operation to put everything back to normal, except for the prostate for which I will receive a hormonal injection once every three months. The summer is with us so after discussions with my hospital doctor, the radiographer, the surgeon and the oncologist I've decided to re-open the pub/bar on SATURDAY JULY 29 at 3pm in time for my 66th birthday on August 3. There will be a small pre-opening at 3pm on Friday July 28.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 and a1/2 months in & out of hospital led to my operation at the Cavale Blanche, Brest 2 weeks ago, all my tubes have gone but for my temporary (3 months) bag; yesterday I began 3 weeks convalescence in Carhaix.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Operated on Tuesday morning, had my first proper meal today (Sunday) at mid-day, fish & boiled potatoes accompanied by an apple & banana compote and a café au lait. Three tubes leading out of my body, my stomach's still a bit sore, especially when I  cough, which is a bit too often, otherwise I'm feeling very well. Another few days here at the Cavale Blanche, Brest, then 3 weeks convalescence probably/hopefully at Carhaix.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

A Fleeting Passion

Though shalt not laugh, though shalt not romp,
Let's grimly kiss with bated breath;
As quietly and solemnly
As life when it is kissing Death.
Now in the silence of the grave,
My hand is squeezing that soft breast;
While thou dost in such passion lie,
It mocks me with its look of rest.

But when the morning comes at last,
And we must part, our passions cold,
You'll think of some new feather, scarf
To buy with my small piece of gold,
And I'll be dreaming of green lanes,
Where little things with beating hearts
Hold shining eyes between the leaves,
Till men with horses pass, and carts.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Merthyr Tydfil:
To The Memory of Keir Hardie

They have talked of Merthyr Tydfil,
wherever men were free.
To honour those who toiled and died,
for human liberty.

And men have told her troubled tale,
to spur the sons of men.
When hopes were faint or flagging,
to lift their hearts again.

Friday, 2 June 2017

A Day In Autumn

It will not always be like this,
The air windless, a few last
Leaves adding their decoration
To the trees' shoulders, braiding the cuffs
Of the boughs with gold, a bird preening

In the lawns mirror. Having looked up
From the day's chores, pause a minute,
Let the mind take its photograph
Of the bright scene, something to wear
Against the heart in the long cold.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Yr Ysgwrn

'A gwelais wrth gerdded mwsog dy lwybrau
Gestyll henllwyd a phrudd,
Ar hen dywysogion drengodd ym mwydrau
Yno yn codi o angof eu beddau
Yn fanadl a llygaid dydd.'

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