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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Redundant Diet

  1. I've been on a special diet lately which I've been following religiously; no green vegetables, no fruit, eggs fried on teflon with no fat, no wholemeal bread etc., I kept to it because I thought that to stray would be risking my health, now my G.P. tells me it was to avoid constipation, I told him that I've never had constipation in my life, to which he replied that if that's the case then I can eat anything I like, a whole month of sacrifice for nothing!!!!! P.S. I still have to keep my sugar levels down.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Bedroom Appointment

Got a girl into my bedroom today, first time in a while, just the two of us, I lay there patiently as she slipped my underpants down over my ankles, we passed an intimate moment together and when it was all over she kindly arranged a date for me with a friend of hers for the same thing, same time tomorrow. These anal washes aren't much fun, not for me nor the nurse(s).

Friday, 24 February 2017


  1. Severe diabetes & gout to begin with (fruit & veg to stave off gout, fruit & veg bad for my diabetes) followed by cancer of the rectum, then a shadow was detected on the liver, this week I've been informed of a probable cancer of the prostate, plus I'm taking tablets for bad cholesterol. Insulin (fast & slow), and anti-coagulant injections; vitamins, cholesterol tablets, next monday a prostate biopsy, two weeks later the start of radio & chemo-therapies, so I'm not going to ...complain about a little oedema/dropsy. On the whole I don't feel ill at all, 2 & 4 days ago my blood-pressure lowered and I felt very tired, and I'm losing weight slightly. As I said I don't feel ill at all, it's only the doctors telling me I'm ill that I know, that and a certain looseness of my bowels causing me to have to wear 'protection' 24 hours a day. My blood sugar level is too high because for the last 7 weeks I've been more or less stationary, so now I'm making an effort to go for a fairly robust but limited walk between the nurses visits: I can't go far by myself or drive in case I collapse. I'm relying almost entirely on my daughter to look after my affairs; interviews, paperwork, mail, shopping etc., which can't be easy with a 3 children and a full time job. Mealtimes although regular are boring, take a gander at these forbidden foods: green vegetables raw & cooked, dried vegetables, fruit raw & cooked, compote, fruit juices, dry fruit, wholemeal bread, pastries & cakes, everything cooked in fat. No sugar. Avoid fibre. The good news is that my morale is very high and I'm enjoying myself finding things to put onto facebook, no time to be bored, a lot of reading and writing involved. The bad news is that not all my necessities from the chemist's are free, and neither is food. I haven't touched a penny/centime since Dec. 28 and that was just my evening's takings. I am facing a difficult time financially (I am already with my sickness) having lost all my money between the French Social Security claiming thousands, nearly bankrupting me and my three years out of work due to my pub burning down leaving me with nothing until the Phoenix gave me a temporary respite. As things are my morale is high but I can't promise that my morale won't take a downturn. Destiny calls, will I be back in my bar, the surgeon said to me after one operation that I have a 'sacré constitution,' also 'patience & courage.'

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Breton/Welsh Equivalent Vocabulary (3)

Breton/Welsh Equivalent Vocabulary (some roughly): C'hoant - Chwant; C'hoar - Chwaer; C'hoari - Chwarae; C'hoarvezañ - Chwaraf, Chwaru; C'hoarz - Chwardd; C'hoarzidig - Chwarddedig; C'hoarzin - Chwerthin; C'hoarzus - Chwarddus; C'hoaz - Chwaith; C'hoalad - Chwalu; C'hwaw - Chwa; C'hwec'h - Chwech; C'hwed - Chwyd; C'hwedalenn -  Chwydalen; C'hweg - Chweg; C'hwel - Chwêl; C'hweldroiñ - Chwyldroi; C'hwenn - Chwain; C'hwenn - Chwyn; C'hwerw - Chwerw;  C'hwes - Chwys; C'hwevrer - Chwefror, C'wez - Chwydd; C'wezh - Chwyth; Chwezh - Chwaeth; C'hwi - Chwi; C'hwiban - Chwiban; C'hwibed - Gwybed; C'hwibon - Chwibon; C'hwil - Chwil; C'hwiliores - Chwiliores; C'hwiliañ - Chwiliaf/Chwilio; C'hwitell - Chwythell.

Breton/Welsh Toponomy (4)

Breton/Welsh Toponomy: Dalar - Dalar/Dallar/Talar; Deri - Diri; Deri Fawr - Dirimeur; Derlys - Derlès; Derwydd - Dervès; Dibyn - Diben; Diserth - Dézert; Dowlaiis - Daoulas;  Dreiniog - Dreinoc/Drennec/Drénec; Y Drenewydd - An Dré Nevez; Drysog - Dresec; Dwylan - Doëlan; Dyfnant - Donant; Y Dywarchen -Touarc'hen.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Breton/Welsh Equivalent Vocabulary (Some Roughly): Bac'h - Bach (not 'small'); Bad - Bad (not 'boat'); Badez - Bedydd; Badezour - Bedyddiwr; Baeleg - Bagl; Bagad - Bagad; Bailh - Bal; Balc'h - Balch; Ambalc'h - Ammalch; Baleg - Bal; Balsam - Balsam; Ban - Bân; Banal - Banadl; Bannalec (place) - Banhadlog; Bann - Ban; Banniel - Baner; Banw - Banw; Bar - Bâr; Bara - Bara; Baratan- Bratàu; Bargod - Barcut; Barn - Barn; Barr - Bar (1); Barr - Bar (2); Barv - Barf; Barz - Bardd; Barzas - Barddas; Barzoniezh - Barddoniaeth; Bas - Bas; Bawer - Baw; Bazh - Bath; Bec'h - Baich - Bed - Byd; Bed - Bed; Begel - Bogail; Behin - Mehin; Behineg - Mehinog; Bei - Bai; Beiz - Baidd; Kemenañ - CymynafBen - Benyw; Bennag - Bynnag; Bennigañ - Bendigo; Benveg - (Benffyg) Benthyg; Beol Baeol; Ber - Ber; Aber - Aber; Bern - Bwrn; Berr - Byr/Ber; Berder - Byrder, Berw - Berw; Berzh - Berth; Bestl - Bystl; Beure - Bore; Beuz - Budd; Beuz - awdd; Bever - Befer; Bew - Byw; Bewin - Bywyn;Bez - Bedd; Bered - Beddrod; Bezenn - Byddyn; Bezhin- Eithin; Bezw - Bedw; Bidiad - Bidio; Bihan - Bychan; Bis - Bys; Blas - Blas; Blein - Blaen; Bleiner - Blaenwr; Bleizh - Blaidd; Bleud - Blawd; Blew - Blew; Blez - Blydd; Blin - Blin; Bloaz - Blwydd; Bloc'h - Blwch Bloneg - Bloneg; Boas - Moes; Boc'h - Boch; Bod - Bid; Bod - Bod; Boest - Bwyst; Bolc'h - Bola; Bon - Bed - Bwyd; ; Boned - Boned; Bonn - Bwn; Bos - Bos; Bouc'h - wch; Bouc'hal - Bwyall; Boud - Bod; Hamboud - Hanfod; Boulc'h - Bwlch; Boull - Bwl; Bourc'h - Bwrch; Bouzar - Byddar; Boz - Bodd; Bozenn - Byddon; Brae - Brau; Bragez - Brag; Bramm - Bram; Bran - Bran; Morvran - Morfran; Bras - Bras; Brav - Braf; Brawac'h - Brawych; Bre - Bre; Bre - Braidd; Breant - Breuant; Brec'h - Brech; Brec'h - Braich; Bred - Bryd; Brein - Braen; Brell - Bral; Brem Brêm; Bren - Bryn; Brenn - Bran; Brennig - Brennig; Bresidig - Brysedig; Breud - Brawd; Breun - Briwion; Breur - Brawd; Lesvreur - Llysbrawd; Brew - Breuan; Brezhon - Brython; Brezhell - Brithyll; Bri - Bri; Brizh - Brith; Brizhañ - Brithaf, Britho; Bro - Bro; Disvroer - Difro; Broc'h - Broch(1); Broc'h - Broch (2); Brodañ - Brodio; Broed - Brwyd; Broen - Brwyn; Bronn - Bron; Broud - Brwd; Broud - Brwyd; Brouez - Brwth; Brug - Grug; Brusun - Brywsion; Buoc'h - Buwch; Buorzh - Buarth; Morvuoc'h - Morfuwch; Bual - Bual; Buan - Buan; Buanred - Buanred; Bugad - Bugad; Bugel - Bugail; Bugeliañ - Bugeilia; Buhez - buchedd

Breton/Welsh Toponomy (3)

Breton/Welsh Toponomy: Caemawr - Quémeur; Caerau - Caero; Caercaradog - Kergaradec; Caerconan - Kergonan;Caerdu - Kerdu/Kerduff; Caer Estyn - Keristin (Jestin, Gestin, family names);; Caerfadog - Kervadec; Caerfawr - Kerfeur/Kermeur; Caergeillog - family name Quillec; Caergwrle - Kergorlay/(Kergourlay, family name); Caerhun - Kerhun; Caeriw - Keriou; Caerlleon - Kerléon; Caerllyr - Kerler; Caerphili (sic) - Kerfily; Caersaint - Kersaint/Kerzent; Caerwent - Kervent; Caer y Twr - Kerantour; Camddwr - Dourcam; Camlan - Camblan; Camros - Camros; Carn - Carn; Castellnewydd - Castell-Nevez; Celynog - Quelennec; Celli Quilli; Cestyll - Questel; Clawdd mawr - Cleuzmeur; Cledwyn - Cleden; Cleger - Cléguer; Clegyrog - Cléguérec; Cloddia - Cleuziou; Clwyd - Clouet; Coed Helyg - Coatalec; Coedmor - Coatmeur; Coed y Garth - Coat ar Garz; Coetten - Coattan/Coat-Tan; Coety - Coaty; Corlan - Corland; Corneli - Cornily; Croes Faen - Croaz-méan/Croasmen; Croeslan - Croaz Land; Crugiau - Crugou; Crugyll - Crugel; Cwm - Coum; Cwmwd, Cymwd - Combot/Combout; Cylorog - Collorec; Cymer - Quimper (Kemper). N.B. The authors have chosen the deformed versions with their 'QU's when in Breton they would be written with a 'k', see Quimper - Kemper.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Breton/Welsh Toponomy (2)

  1. Breton/Welsh Toponomy: Banadlog - Bannalec; Berwyn - Berven; Bodalog - Bodalec; Bodennog - Bodennec; Bonw - Bonou; Braenog - Brignogan; Bronhaul - Bréneol; Brwynog - Broennic; Bryndu - Brenduff; Bryngoleu - Bréhoulou/Brégoulou/Brangolo; Brynllys - Brélès; Brynmawr - Brémeur; Brynsychan - Brézéhan/Brézéhen/Brézéc'hen/Brésséhen/Brécéan/Brécéhan/Brécéhen/Brécéand/Brésihan; Bryntyrch - Brenterc'h; Bwllfa - Boulfa.

Breton/Welsh Toponomy

  1. Breton/Welsh Toponomy: Abati (y) - Abaty; Aber - Aber; Aberig - Aberic; Adwy - Odé; Aercol - Argol; Afon - Aven; Arfor - Arvor; Argau - Ergué; Argoed - Argoat/Nargoat; Arianhell - Arhantel/Arc'hantel

Breton/Welsh Equivalents

Breton/Welsh equivalent (some roughly) vocabulary: Abad - Abad; Aber - Aber; Aberzh - Aberth; Abid - Abid; Abilhamant - Abiliment; Abostol - Abostol; Abrant - Amrant; Absolvenn - Absolfen; Ac'hub - Achub; Adan - Adain/Adan; Ael - Ael; Aer - Awyr; Aerel - Awyrol; Aergelc'h - Awyrgylch; Aer - Aer;  Aerva - Aerfa; Aereg - Atreg; Aerouant - Edrywant; Agroas - Egros Ahel - Echel; Alo - Alu; Alarc'h - Alarch; Alc'hwez - Allwedd; Alc'hwezour - Allwyddor; All - All; Alusenn - Alusen; Amaezh - Amaeth; Amailh - Amel; Amanenn - Ymenyn; Amkan - Amcan; Ampl - Aml; Amser - Amser; Anal - Anadl; Analad- Anadliad; Anañv - Anaf; Ana(v)oud - Adnabod; Anaw - Alaw; Aneval - Anifail; Angell - Angell; Anian - Anian; Ankalez - Amgeledd; Anken - Angen; Ankow - Angau; Annoazh - Anhoaf; Anoued - Annwyd; Antell - Annel; Anw - Enw; Raganw - Rhagenw; Lesanw - Llysenw; Aos - Naws; Aotrow - Athraw; Arar - Aradr; Breinar - Braenar; Arabad - Arb; Arall - Arall; Arc'h - Arch; Arc'henad - Archen; Areizh - Araith; Arm - Arnod - Arnod; Arnodad - Arnodiad; Arnodel - Arnodel; Arouez - Arwydd; Arouezlun - Arwyddlun; Arver - Arfer; Arwest - Arwest; Arz - Ardd; Arzh - Arth; Asen - Asyn; Asenn - Asen; Askell - Asgell; Askleud - Asglod; Askol - Ysgall; Askorn - Asgwrn; Askre - Asgre; Asow - Aswy; Astal - Atal; Astell - Astell; Astralab - Astrolabr; Ataw - Eto; Ateb - Ateb; Atfer - Adfer; Aval - afal; Avank - Afanc; Avon - Afon; Avu - Afu; Awel - Awel; Awen - Awen; Azas - Addas; Azeuliñ - Addoli; Azoued -Addwyd.

Monday, 6 February 2017


Bows & Arrows
Breton surnames  have  'ap/mab' or son of, and historical as in Madec, the Welsh Madog, but generally they tend to be descriptive, how one is seen to possess a relative peculiarity, often physically, e;g; 'sgouarnec' (ears), known to Welsh speakers as the word for hare, tallec (forehead), troadec (feet), or yaouank (ieuanc) (young). Whilst walking through the corridors of the hospital in Morlaix the other day my attention was drawn to a doctor's name that I hadn't previously come across, it was 'Gourlaouen' known, or not known, as the case may be, to a Welsh speaker as 'Gwr Llawen', 'Merry Man.'

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's not 'Brittany, it's western Brittany, the land opposite Domnonea & Kernow, eastern Brittany has a different language called Gallo. The western part had a kingdom of Devon and another of Cornwall; Devon no longer exists but because Cornwall does, the Breton version is 'Great Cornwall', however, in French it's 'English Cornwall'. Brittany is situated on the Armorican peninsular which 'Armorica' is the historical name i.e. pre-Welsh & Cornish. The first Britons crossed the channel to protect the Roman Empire against the invading VisiGoths, through treachery they lost, the army was scattered but some made their way to Armorica, and according to Geoffrey of Monmouth they cut out the tongues  of the woman in order to preserve the purity of the language. The result of all this was that Britain was denuded of its army leaving itself wide open for attack from the Irish with no self-defence. This is where Vortigern comes in by asking for help from Hengist & Horsa, we all know where this led to don't we? Having the original settlement in place the Welsh and the Cornish knew where they could come for sanctuary. Most of the Breton 'Saints'/Archbishops were born in Wales and St. Illtud was born in Brittany. The yellow pestilence/plague of the 6th century also contributed, Breton St. Illtud came back to Brittany to stay with Welsh St. Samson of Dol, but it wasn't just Brittany there was also Bretania in Galicia, a Spanish region where they speak a dialect of Portuguese. Many Breton words were taken from south east Wales that have almost disappeared having been replaced by a standardised Welsh in schools using North-Walian words never before heard in the south, it's the same in Brittany they are now standardising their dialects into one language. By the way the onion sellers did brush up on their Cymraeg/Welsh. One can pick out many Welsh words but rarely the full sentence, also constant transpositions: eu = aw; th/dd = zh, mawrth = meurzh; w = ou, dwr =dour; y = e, mynydd; sul, lun, meurzh, merc'her, yaou, gwener, sadorn. Nuances: Awel/Avel is breeze not wind, Dorn is hand not fist, sgouarnog is ear; cadair = kador;  haul = heol; mynd maes (pronounced as in fairs) = mond er maze; coed = koad; troed = troad. Methinks I will leave you now before I over-over do it. P.S. Spit out the legend from the fact, it's a bit of a mixture. For reference see Gwyn Griffiths who worked for the BBC he had a great book on the relationship between the Welsh & Bretons that I lost when my pub went up in smoke, although he did promise me a replacement; he also wrote a book on the Johnnies.

Last Night in Carhaix

After an early breakfast one of the nurses told me to hold off eating and drinking  for a while because I was going to undergo a minor operation this afternoon, which entailed inserting a little box in my chest that would emanate rays internally, the nurse brought in special clothing to be ready but before I could put them on the surgeon explained to me that in the meantime he'd been speaking to his colleague an oncologist who advised him that this procedure wasn't necessary. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with same oncologist in Morlaix after which I'll be out of hospital after almost 5 weeks and into the capable hands of my daughter, with a visit from a district nurse 3 times a day. They are now preparing the papers for my regular radio-therapy treatment in Brest; I don't know how often or for how long. As I've previously stated surgery will begin 10 weeks after treatment ends.

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