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Sunday, 5 September 2010

That's me

Hi, my name is John Smith and I am happy !

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Photos with Music

One advantage of running a pub that's known for its music, among other things, is that I get sent demo tapes from local musicians; this work with my photos is going to take a while so I'm going back in time to the tapes that I've re-discovered, I'm sorting out my c.d.'s as well as my photos. I'm deliberately looking for my fb. friends and I'm going to begin with 'Musique D'ici et D'ailleur' "Harpe & Chant" by Cecile Corbel, accompanied by Dimitry Halby on flute. 7 tracks, Trad: Brittany; Ireland; Turkey & Tennessee.

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Friday, 3 September 2010

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Urgent, help me if you can!

I haven't written anything this week because I'm lying here in my bed for the fifth day in a semi-depressive state, with gout in both feet, not knowing where to turn. Building should begin on the pub any time, the owners have informed me that the insurers have given the green light to get on with it and that all work completed will be reimbursed, yes, that's right, I don't own the pub, I just run the business, pay the State insurances and taxes. I am not directly involved with the main insurance, but I did get a slight recompense for my mementoes, which included watercolours & oils that had no meaning for them, and many items that were purely personal. I was badly insured, it didn't cover everything on the list, which wasn't big because of the small size of the bar; on top of which I wasn't covered for loss of earnings. Being self-employed I don't qualify for dole, and am still paying social security, etc. based on last year's earnings, small compensation is that if I can get through this year, I won't have anything to pay next year. Because I'm diabetic I took advantage of the pub closure to walk around the countryside, then I began using my mobile phone to take photos, inspired, and not wanting to sit at home moping, I used my contents insurance to invest in my photos (and to eat) e.g. two tents to cover them from the wind & rain that got blown into the lake in Huelgoat and broke up; my little Peugeot 205 was too small, so I went to the local garage for their cheapest car that could hold everything; also, a little printer; little digital camera; small computer; ink & paper etc.,etc. It hasn't worked out, the weather didn't help, e.g. I went down to the music & dance festival last weekend at Rostrenen and ended up selling 2 photos to the flautist Jean-Michel Veillon who then put me on to his guests' list so I got to see the concerts. I am already overdrawn so that means that my standing orders will not be paid this month, including the insurance for my new, old second hand car, meaning that I can't sell the Peugeot nor the photos. The Mayor of Carhaix has offered me the use of the largest theatre in the area, and tens, if not hundreds of musicians have offered me their services free, this is now urgent but I need someone to take it in hand. If work begins on the pub straight away it won't be finished before February or March, and by then I could be bankrupt. Seventeen people have already made an effort but I'm afraid that I don't have enough to keep my head above water for another 6 months. What I was thinking was that when the bar opens again, because all this is being noted, I could give free meals, or days, or weeks, depending on the individual amounts advanced, or just straight-forward re-imbursements on loans. It is now urgent! Byn Walters, Tavarn Ty Elise, 29690 Plouye; or Paypal:
I'm depending on you, not all of you obviously, some of you are in just as bad a state as myself, but I've just got to hold on for another 6 months, and then hopefully next summer I'll be able to more than make up for this year; big bearded Harley-Davidson Hell's Angels types have been seen to break down, when after knocking on the door they've realized that it's just an empty shell.

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