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Monday, 31 July 2017

  1. I forgot about the Flemish Belgians this week-end, what reminded me was that my first customers today were Flemish Belgians, with Fiats & an Alpha Romero, the others were cyclists.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

  1. I'm back in business, all in all a good week-end. Westy turned up from Cymru in the company of his beloved Liliane (birthday tomorrow), Morwenna came from Plougastell with husband & daughter, Michel from Kemper, Maurice from Landerne(au, a load of others particularly locals, and dare I say this; thank goodness for the English and their pints. The British have a pub culture the Bretons don't, I run arguably the only traditional pub in the region.

  1. I was right to have a pre-reopening; we had problems with the 'blonde' & 'blanche' because the cooler hadn't been switched on, now everything is set up for today. However, besides that it was a good day, closing at mid-night.

Télé Star Special Bretagne (Tourisme), Programmes du 15 au 21 Juillet. Entretien avec Pierre Josse "Les paysages de la lande bretonne me fascinent"; Pierre Josse a la carte <<grand voyageur>>: rédacteur en chef des Guide du routard durant 39 ans, il a arpenté plus de 100 pays !
Le Breton publie un journal de bord de ses aventures et rencontres aux quatre coins du monde................
...............Où faites-vous vos plus belles rencontres dans la région?
A Plouyé, chez l'ami Byn, un de ces vieux troquets que j'affectionne. J'aime aussi me faire des copains lors du Festival interceltique de Lorient.

  1. Beer's in: ambrée (real ale best bitter); blonde bio (organic lager); white/wheat beer (beer blanche); local cider, wine: white (vin blanc/gwin gwenn); red (vin rouge/gwin ruz) et 'rosé'; perrier; orange juice; tea; coffee; lemonade, opening time:15h/3pm.

Je trouve qu'il y a beaucoup d'ignorance à propos des Gallois; ici c'est un extrait du 'Contes et Légendes du pays breton', par Yann Brekilien - 'Saint Suliau et Les Anes Paralyses':
'...... Vous savait que les Gallois sont des Bretons comme nous, gens de la presqu'île armoricaine. C'est même une partie du peuple gallois qui, fuyant devant les invasions des Angles et des Saxons (V > Vl siècles) et venant se réfugier en Armorique, a bretonnisé nos ancêtres de l'epoque.'

New music for the bar, just received by the post from Pol Huellou 'Pol Huellou & Friends - The Lost Agenda' with Manuel Marchès (Double Bass), Denis Colin (Bass Clarinette), Gilles Le Bigot, Michal Sunbauer, Christophe Menguy (Guitars), Vasken Solakien ('oud), C. Normant (Claviers), Paul Rodden (Banjo and Artwork), and a number of others.
C.D. Format: Dialogues Musiques Brest
Or directly payment by Paypal or by cheque. Contact by mail.
Download and streaming: CDBaby and most internet platforms.

Contact and Information: Pol Huellou + 33 6 16 43 16 26

Friday, 21 July 2017

  1. An important step forward has been taken; the beer has been ordered, all Coreff: Ambrée/Amber best bitter; Blonde bio/Organic lager; Stout; Blanche/Wheat beer and I.P.A. We're getting there.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Latest news is that I'll be leaving hospital Wednesday July 19 at 2pm.
My hospitalisation is coming to an end after six and a half months off and on. The operation was successful but I still have to undergo chemotherapy every fortnight for four months, apparently to tidy everything up so that nothing comes back. I have a temporary bag initially for three months, but now the surgeon will wait for the therapy to finish, then I will be returning to hospital at Brest for a second operation to put everything back to normal, except for the prostate for which I will receive a hormonal injection once every three months. The summer is with us so after discussions with my hospital doctor, the radiographer, the surgeon and the oncologist I've decided to re-open the pub/bar on SATURDAY JULY 29 at 3pm in time for my 66th birthday on August 3. There will be a small pre-opening at 3pm on Friday July 28.

Annie Ebrel & Nolwen le Buhe

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