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Friday, 26 February 2010

Re: Festival des Vieilles Charrues 2010 > Premiers noms mardi 2 mars !









> J-5 avant l'annonce des premiers noms !

Le compte à rebours est lancé !
L'association des Vieilles Charrues s'apprête à dévoiler les premiers noms
à l'affiche du Festival 2010 qui se déroulera du 15 au 18 juillet à Carhaix.

Rendez-vous le mardi 2 mars dès 11h30 sur le site officiel des Vieilles Charrues
où sera retransmise en simultané, avec le soutien technique de RMN,
la conférence de presse d'annonce de la programmation.
(Visionnez également cette conférence sur le site de RMN)










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Lievremont mindful of emotional Welsh
Two out of three ain't bad, but three out of three would be so much better.

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Re: Monster Jam & Mamma Mia (please do not reply to this e-mail)

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Re: 10 minutes pour convaincre

Subject: 10 minutes pour convaincre
"10 minutes pour convaincre - Emile Granville pour "Nous te ferons Bretagne" sur TV Rennes 35
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Re: The Funniest Headline Fails Of All Time (PICTURES)




The Funniest Headline Fails Of All Time (PICTURES)

February 24, 2010
Newspapers (and even some news websites) just keep providing us with gold. Last week, we showed the you creepiest classified ads, and now we've collected our favorite unintentionally funny headlines. We're convinced that none of these publications have editors. And if they do, either they have an amazing sense of humor, or they're completely oblivious. If it's the latter, perhaps they missed on being a teenager, when anything sounding remotely sexual was the funniest thing in the world.

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Re: Julie Klausner Doesn't Care About Your Band




Julie Klausner Doesn't Care About Your Band

February 24, 2010
When I first picked up Julie Klausner's book "I Don't Care About Your Band," what I noticed, aside from the funny, rambling subtitle ("What I Learned From Indie Rockers, Trust Funders, Pornographers, Felons, Faux-Sensitive Hipsters, And Other Guys I've Dated") was the adorable red head on the cover. My boyfriend loves red heads. I get it too, they're usually fun and interesting and have freckles. And from watching Klausner's online videos and thumbing through the pages of her book, I knew she was funny and smart, too. How was she having enough problems finding a suitable mate to fill a book?

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Re: The Best And Worst Housing Markets


The Best Performing Housing Markets In The Last Year (PHOTOS)

February 24, 2010
Before you get too excited about a nationwide housing recovery, let's remember that "best" in this case is a relative term.

If your local housing market was flat over the last 12 months, consider yourself lucky. Only six of the 20 major real estate markets covered in the widely-watched Case-Shiller index showed positive year-over-year gains. Overall, the 20 cities are down an average of 3.1 percent over last year. And, nationally, prices are still off about 30 percent from their 2006 peak.

But a handful of markets, including Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, are actually showing modest year-over-year growth in home values. (Check out the worst performing housing markets in the last year here.)

Which housing markets are showing signs of growth -- or at least showing slower declines? Check the latest data from the Case Shiller Index.

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Re: Préparez la Saint David avec le single malt gallois PENDERYN

Si ce message ne s'affiche pas correctement, cliquez-ici.
St David le 1er Mars - Le Single Malt du Pays de Galles vous attend !
PENDERYN - L'unique Single Malt Gallois
PENDERYN PENDERYN Sherry wood 46% PENDERYN 46% PENDERYN 41 Madeira finish 41% PENDERYN Peated 46%
Voir la sélection
Essentiellement vieilli en fûts de de bourbon.

Pour tout renseignement complémentaire, n'hésitez pas à contacter l'équipe commerciale
de La Maison du Whisky au 0820 160 180 ou par email :

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I hope I don't sound as though I am complaining because I'm not, I really believe that good always comes out of bad, bit of a Polyanna syndrome, it can be helpful: two years ago I had two cars, but one day I had an accident whilst driving with alcohol, then there was one, and the insurance company refused to pay out because of my having been drinking, but the trouble I'd been having with my leg cleared up with the shock. Thankfully I hadn't yet sold my other car, and as I lost my licence for six months I lent it to my son. One day he took me to the bank and on coming back an old man ran in to us; and then there were none: I could have taken it further but didn't, not for the first time. I bought an old car very cheaply and it's the best little runaround that I've ever had. A very bad mouth infection forced me to the hospital leading me to discover that I am diabetic. If I'd carried on as I was, sometimes not eating for days, getting my calories from arguably the best beer in Brittany, I could have gone in to a coma or worse. Now the pub has gone, I'm in a very precarious situation, with the financial side not looking good at all, these are early days yet, I'm still optimistic, although there are clouds over the horizon, the owners are not unanimous, and it may be that I will need a substantial reserve sum if I am to stand my ground, but we don't know yet, the good to come is on hold. Two days ago Liliane and Gareth invited me to go with them to Douarnenez, to which I replied that with everything going on, it might be better for me to stay at home; the following morning with everything that went on I changed my mind, wanting to get out and join up with them, especially as Gareth is going back to Cymru tomorrow. Instead of contacting them directly as I should have done, I thought I'd surprise them, so I left my house and drove up to Uhelgoat to fill up with petrol only to find that I'd separated the ignition key from the main bunch because I won't be needing them for a while, but forgot to retain the key for the petrol tank; going back and fore added eight miles to my journey, it's my regular petrol station and in the wrong direction but if I'd gone straight on I might have ended up stuck somewhere; anyway, I got to Castellin/Chateaulin, gave Gareth a ring on his mobile only to find that I had the wrong number. Oh, what to do now? I carried on anyway, Douarnenez isn't that big, so there was an outside chance of meeting them. I had to find a Coreff bar with a Wi/Fi system because my acquaintances go to Coreff bars and the last time that Liliane went out she took her laptop with her, I didn't find one. I went down to the Port-Rhu parked my car in front of the 'Pourquoi Pas' and had a cup of tea, there was no Wi/Fi so I walked up into town straight into a massive hail and rainstorm, before entering the 'Café aux Halles' getting out my notebook computer, leaving messages around but no-one replied. I drank two teas and 4 coffees before leaving for the Port; on the way I espied a Coreff sign and on entering ordered one, but there were only bottles and as I didn't want a beer just for the sake of it I drank another coffee before heading on down to the Port, and although I've been to Douarnenez for the Festival of Minorities Cinema and for the boat pageant, I recognized this as a place where I'd been nearly 30 years ago with Elise and our daughter Morwen, I'd always wanted to see it again having no idea where it was. I continued my walk back to the Port-Rhu and my car, which was exactly what I needed, a long walk with the wind in my face in a place of memories whilst burning off the excess sugar in my blood, something that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't got the invitation. On arriving back home the phone rang and it was Gareth who'd finally got the message.

Ty Elise Welsh bar in Brittany destroyed in » My Blog

If you speak English, you may have difficulty understanding this!

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L'incendie de la Tavarn Ty Elise à Plouyé

Pour voir l'article cliquer sur:

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


If there are any doubts, I will make this quite clear; no business, no earnings, no resources, no savings, no money. Your cheques will be put aside for the rebuilding of the pub, but I will need a minimum to keep my head above water until I can get back aboard. There won't be much point in re-opening only for the landlord to be destitute and bankrupt. Have I made myself plain? Up 'till now I've had two small cheques towards the rebuilding, a small cash payment to help me through the week and a restaurant meal from Gareth & Liliane. I will be keeping you informed as things progress, as will my daughter Morwen

Sunday, 21 February 2010

P.S. to 'An Eventful Week'

Yesterday if I wasn't feeling bad enough, as I was putting some junk mail into a sack to throw out, there was a paper still on the floor that had got unstuck, It was a wedding invitation for '....le plaisir de vous inviter à la cérémonie religieuse qui sera célébrée à l'église de Saint-Herbot, le samedi 25 Juillet 2009 à 14 heures' from Emilie & Thomas; Thomas is the leader of 'Tornaod', a group that has a Paris/Brittany connexion that is epitomised in an air that they wrote in honour of my pub and Yvon's pub/creperie in Montparnasse "etre Ty Jos ha Ty Elise" on their first album, and then "Downtown Plouye" on their second". If I wasn't feeling sick about the fire, I would have been sick about the wedding. Later on in the afternoon Liliane and Gareth turned up with some morale and financial support, together with an invitation to go out for a meal, during the time that they were here Paul from the Coreff brewery turned up with a pack of beer.

An Eventful Week

The week began well enough with a concert in the pub/bar given by the duo 'Bio Baptiste LB' who played the double bass, bass guitar, guitar, voice and accordeon in their own particular slightly eccentric but enjoyable fashion: At the moment on mondays I open for the evening aperitif trade, except that it's beer and not your typical apero, then I close early, later in the evening I went down to Dave's bar in Paule, just the other side of Carhaix on the Rostrenen road; Dave is a conjuror, born in Caerphilly, but has moved around since, and whose father comes from Troedyrhiw in Merthyr Tydfil. I met up again with my new friends from the previous week in Callac, the one from Porth and the other from Darlington (Darlington was a 19th century iron town on the lines of Merthyr). A retired English drummer was holding court at the corner table, aiming the odd humerous jibe at his wife who was sitting next to him, although she was giving as good as she was getting. Before the end a boy came in wearing the Prince of Wales's feathers, which have nothing to do with Cymru/Wales but are worn by the National rugby team they should be replaced forthwith by the leek or the daffodil, particularly as the Prince is reclaiming them, he turned out to be Rhys Llewelyn from Aberporth who's living in nearby Le Moustoir, he told me that he'd heard about my pub and my speaking only Welsh and Breton within, perhaps that's why my British trade is so small considering the number of them living in the area. Same as last week, I drank a few coffees and a few ballons of beer before heading home sometime after 10 o'clock, one can't be too careful, people are being stopped and controlled by the police in Carhaix all the time these days. Tuesday afternoon saw me heading to Brest and the Gwenael Kerleo concert. I drove to the 'Port de Commerce', had a drink in 'Le Mouette' for the first time in thirty years, asked for directions to the 'Tara Inn' where the landlord is a friend of mine, it turned out to be just around the corner. There I asked to see Chris, but he was in Las Vegas, I asked for 'McGuigan's' which was up the road and run by my friend Sheridan from Belfast who I used to visit at 'Chez Dan's', or 'The Claddagh Inn' in Rennes; It is now the equally popular 'Westport Inn'; he was in Carhaix. He,s got a traditional inn, a bar with meals and bedrooms, I had intended staying there and had sent an e-mail in advance which they hadn't received, a film company had booked all the rooms so I would have to look elsewhere! I left my car at the port and climbed the steps to the centre, I need the exercise, all the more so now that I've stopped taking my tablets. I found the 'Salle Vauban', confirmed my place which I had reserved through facebook, and carried on up the 'Rue Jean Jaures' stopping for a home brew in the 'Taverne St. Martin', they have brewers boilers or cuves in the middle of the bar; I headed on to the 'Place Guerin' passing in front of the 'Triskell' now closed, and continued to the'Café de la Plage', hoping to meet up with friends and finding a place to stay, horror of horrors! the place was empty with electric wires hanging from the ceiling. What to do now? I walked down the hill to 'The Dubliners' that used to be owned by Joe Smith who has sadly passed on, but was carried on by his daughter, I thought I might have met someone there, but it's been sold on and wasn't the same place. Slightly disappointed I carried on to the concert, five minutes late losing my place because it was packed out, no importance, I always stay at the bar anyway. The barman was a bi-lingual Bangladeshi, I couldn't resist mentioning our curries back in Merthyr which were named after Indian ports where the Bangladeshi sailors regularly put down anchor. The concert was heavenly, the music sublime; I knew a few harpists back in Cymru/Wales and had been spoiled through often listening to Elinor Bennett raising funds for the Party, but this wasn't classical virtuoso, this was a feast of harp; harp-violin; harp-accordeon; harp-uillean pipes plus flutes, banjo and varied drums. When all the instruments came together there was a touch of Moving Hearts or Dan Ar Bras, or even Alan Stivell, but this was incomparably Gwenael Kerleo and a splendid celebration of 15 years on stage. After it was all over I went up to the bar for a few drinks and a chat, and whilst there, asked the barman whether there were room vacancies, which there were, so I booked a room. After checking my blood sugar level I found it far too high, told the barman to forget the room as I had to go for a very long intensive walk, I finished up at my car, driving back home and missing the Huelgoat turn-off on the way and getting lost, finally getting home an hour late. Wednesday passed by and thursday went along normally, with the finalising of my january accounts for Quimper the following morning. At 11.20p.m. I couldn't see anyone else coming in, so I arranged the fire-place by taking off the wood and putting out the fire, doing the till, locking the toilet door, stopping the music, putting out the heater, locking the second entrance door, and as I was turning the key in the front door the street lights went out indicating that it was bang on 11.30p.m., I came home, working for a while on the internet before retiring to my bed with the music on. At 2.45a.m. I was woken up by shouting, that there was a fire at the pub, that there was nothing left and that the firefighters wanted me there straight away. Thirty years of my life had gone up in smoke.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Up in smoke

I lost irreplaceable wall posters; a water colour and an oil painting of the pub; oil paintings of myself; photos that didn't get copied; a personnalised painted bodhran; a limited edition plate from Merthyr Welsh school; a Welsh Regiment plaque; old telephone; etc; brief; uninsureable gifts, mementoes and memories of 30 years of my life; plus dictionaries, encyclopaedias and 19th century poetry and history books.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Plouyé. La Tavarn Ty Elise détruite par un incendie - Bretagne - Le Télégramme

My livelihood has gone up in smoke. (see photos). Insurance situation not very helpful. Have to get back to work quickly, no work, no funds, and funds are needed, possibility then of an August opening; any contributions would be helpful, physical and/or financial
Tavarn Ty Elise renovation fund; 'Ty Elise', Plouye, 29690, Bretagne/Brittany (France)
1000 euros will get you free beer for life. Honest!, 10,000 euros, free whisk(e)y, serious! Groups of more than fifty people doesn't count!
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