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Monday, 24 December 2012

Nadolig Llawen etc., etc.

My phoenix raising the pub out of the ashes, hope I'll be seeing you there from March onwards, you're all welcome. You may have noticed that I'm getting out all of my photos, it's because time is up, it's pub or photos. I've been out of work for 3 years minus 1 month but paradoxically I've had a good 3 years photo wise if not money wise, however it's all over and in 2 months I'll be back doing what God made me for - running a pub; besides the drink & chat you'll get a chance to buy your favourite photos signed & framed. In the meantime: Nadolig Llawen; Nedelig Laouen; Joyeux Noel; Merry Christmas; Nadelik Lowen; Nollaig Shona; Nollaig Chridheil; Nollick Ghennal; Frohe Weihnachten; Feliz Natal; Zorionak Eta; Bo Nadal; Bon Nadal; Polit Nadal; Buon Natale; Bones Navidaes, and just in case...:

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Dark Evening was Dark Morning

Got up at half-past 6, had an early breakfast, went back to bed, had a very endearing dream featuring an Irish (girl)friend of mine, partly making up for what didn't happen in real life; woke up, it was dark, I looked at the time, half-past 8, and cursed myself for having missed a whole morning & afternoon; a few minutes later there was an uncanny but discernible brightening outside, it was still morning.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Two Funerals & A Christmas Party

Not two weddings and a funeral but two funerals and a childrens' Christmas party (school production), fortunately the three not more than 500 yards from my house. The time came eventually to put my laptop on the table, get up from the settee, shake off the cobwebs, take off the dirty clothes, wash the smelly body, put on clean clothes, including black trousers & shirt, dark blue tie, black & grey pull-over, black polished shoes, black jacket and black coat. My father always kept a black tie handy in the event of a bereavement, this is the way we show respect, but I notice that almost any clothes go these days, here anyway. The first funeral was for Bernard (Nanard) Maltret's mother, Nanard is my oldest friend in the village and the only one to have visited the family home in the church we sat & stood, up & down through the proceedings; eulogies were made, prayers were said, hymns were sung, the plates came around for our donations, we got up with the service over to walk down the aisle to the front and bless the coffin with a green twig wet with holy water, this to the accompaniment of background recorded music, in this case, who would have thought it? in this little village right in the middle of Brittany, lo & behold Meic Stevens was singing 'Ysbryd Solva', you could have knocked me down with a feather. On thinking about it though, improbable as it first seemed, Nanard is known to Meic and has been to one of his birthday parties in Cymru/Wales, still. We then gathered outside before following the coffin, which was pulled on a wheeled bier, down past the still locked up 'Ty Elise' to the cemetery for more blessings, eulogies and burial. I walked back up the hill and across to the hall to fleetingly see my grandchildren happy at their party enjoying the food and their presents from Pere (Jacqot) Noel before crossing to my house to get the flowers for the second funeral, that of Jean-Pierre Mell's father. Jean-Pierre is a friend and was a regular customer, calling in every day for a drink to assuage his thirst on his way home from work. Back at the church the proceedings were identical to the first with allowances for the circumstances and this time no Meic Stevens for the blessings before once more following the coffin to the cemetery, except this time I carried a pot of flowers in the procession which I forgot to do the first time. P.S. Some of you may not be aware of the pub's renown; the man I sat next to for the second funeral told me that he went to Toulon for his holidays, he entered a shop where he was asked where he was from, on replying 'Plouye, Brittany' he was told that 'Ty Elise' my pub was known to them and that they had frequented the place (I have many of these stories).

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Please, and hopefully thank you in advance

Only 2 months & 3 weeks before I start earning again after being out of work for nearly 3 years. Not having insurance or dole I've reached this far with the help of friends; my basic state benefit means that my outgoings are greater than my income which is the reason for my December budget deficit. Not having any money at this moment approaching the festive season I had an idea for a one off offer on cheques received now to be redeemed at the bar afer the March opening with a 40% benefit e.g. a 100euros cheque = consommation redeemed to the value of 140euros; 200euros = 280euros etc., etc. I repeat that this is a one off offer for cheques sent in advance. On the other hand if a friend or friends who is/are unable to come to the bar could advance me some money before Christmas I will make it a priority to reimburse the loan a.s.a.p. after the pub opening which I feel could be quite successful. I understand that it is Christmas and money is short, but here's hoping; thanks in advance to those whom it is applicable, and Nadolig Llawen/Nedelig Laouen/Joyeux Noel/Merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Feel-good Factor

Hungerford 0 - 4 Merthyr. At least the soccer (at club level) is going well. Swansea are now realistically looking to play in Europe next year; Cardiff have a new record of ten straight home wins whilst sitting at the top of the Championship; Newport are top of the conference with Wrexham close behind, and here we have Merthyr 'slaying' top of the table Hungerford Town away from home. I am well aware that it's only December with a long way to go yet, but this is very much a feel-good morale boosting factor contributing positively to an otherwise demoralised nation with its rugby in the doldrums, and its education & economy worsening.

Saturday, 1 December 2012


If it's glory you want don't move to Wales; we don't need you anyway. Wales is not about glory, it's about being thankful that we weren't born elsewhere. Silverware; medals & cups, whether sport or culture are a bonus and give us a sense of pride when won, it's obviously preferable identifying with victory than defeat when we deign to enter into competition, but sitting here watching the international with a sense of 'deja vu', a feeling of having been there before, with two minutes to go my blood froze in the manner we lost AGAIN, then on hearing that Swansea beat Arsenal at the Emirates my blood thawed thereby lifting me out of my temporary depression. I thought of what my gran used to say in these situations "such is life", although I can't help feeling that for some unaccountable reason it doesn't help my mental stability when England beat the All-Blacks. As a nation we obviously weren't destined to win everything, and I don't mean for us to be the eternal valiant triers, we consistently have more world champions than our population should logically support, just not in our most followed sports.

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