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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Breton Entity

The French government under Petain collaborated with the Nazis to the extent that they loaded the trains with Jews, and we know where that lead them. Some Bretons saw the the opportunity to be liberated from the French, but what happened later made the French worse than the Gestapo, the Bretons were persecuted, even primary school teachers of the language were condemned to prison, Breton and anything to do with it was not allowed (and we think we Welsh have problems). Even the very idea of Brittany as an entity couldn't be supported by the French Jacobins to whom the integrity of the French state took precedence. De Gaulle from his seat in London was allowed by the Allies to lead the free French into Paris, then in his arrogance his previous aid was forgotten. He was not the favoured French General neither of the Americans nor Churchill and he never forgot it (which I suppose is a slightly different point, no matter).

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