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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

(4) Another reply to...

(4) Another reply to...

Monday, 13 February 2012

My Telephone

Because my bank manager confiscated my card it gave me telephone hiccups, I normally paid by phoning my number on receiving the bill, when they didn't get the money they put the phone on restraint meaning you could phone in but I couldn't phone out, frustrating when reaching for it a second too late, knowing who it was but not being able to call back; that is now sorted out. Something happened to the phone so that it didn't ring but it did light up, therefore I had to be sitting in front of it to be aware of the calls, then I changed the system so that nothing worked, this morning something inspired me to look again at the wires and how they inter-related and after some initial failures I got it to work again. Someone phoned me soon after, it rang clearly but didn't light up, so if there has to a fault this time it's less inconvenient, and anyway most of the time now I can look up the number and ring back. The tide is on the turn.

Wait till they get it together

I have just repaired my telehone, I had a bout of inspiration: 0298999016. Can't complain about the main result yesterday 'though Swansea & Cardiff both lost, but I thought that Rhys Priestland kicked away far too much of the ball, it disapointed me because he's normally such a great player with ball in hand and tactically otherwise, if it's not kicked into touch it invariably comes straight back, we lose territory instead of gaining it, we lose the momentum, it puts them on the front foot unless they do the same of course, then this tennis match holds up the game and it tires the forwards ; at one point we turned over the ball then Phillips kicked it away, complete waste; the Italians did it often saturday. I'm not talking about up & unders which can add to the excitement of the game. Good win, but once we had the points in the bag the Scots were on top and were unlucky a couple of times, as they were against England who are not playing all that well. I don't want to put the mockers on it but we've a good chance of finishing on top, thats all I'll say. A team to be proud of and they've still to get it together.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

No English Spoken

Someone reminded me a few days ago that at school it's taught that the English ruled half of France, but it was the western half of France that ruled England, in those days France wasn't the country it is today; if we could have listened to them we would have heard a French dialect, not English, in fact when I think about it, the first real English speaking kings & Queens after the Plantagenets were the Welsh Tudor family, and the Scottish Stuarts, after the Stuarts came the Dutch followed by German speaking Hanoverians. 

From Rent to Lease; Let's go for Freehold

The English are Germanic (Angles; Saxons) in a partitioned France (Normandy; Aquitaine; Anjou; Plantagenet north of the Channel) ruled by Germans & Danes (House of Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg Und Gotha, family name Wettin, & House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksberg, family name Battenberg), who today speak a modern international medium commonly referred to as 'English' but these days 'American' would be more apt.
The Welsh, together with their compatriots the  Cornish, are Britons of the west, they may have lost the crown, orb & sceptre of this ancient land, but theirs is the final resting place of the pre Anglo-Saxon Brythonic language & culture of their island home.
Former rentpayers in the Franco-Germanic (e)state, just having taken over the lease of their semi-detached house from the absentee landlord who takes their money for redistribution amongst the rich acolytes of the south-east, leaving them to fend for themseves with hands tied to live on pittances called grants; whilst there are positive thinking visionaries, patriots who wish to take over the freehold of a detached home with hands untied to set themselves up with their families within the forseeable future, away from interfering neighbours and their lackeys, so that they can create a healthy & wealthy dynamic of their own far from the source of their present disease, no more starved of vitamins & protein and free to breathe the fresh air to fill the lungs and strengthen the heart. If Scotland thinks it can do it, the Scandinavian states have done it, and particularly the Slovenians who are doing it with two thirds the population of Cymru/Wales. Fe godwn ni eto; Cymru am Byth. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Great Rugby Fallacy

Jon Griffiths just argued in the Sabotage Times the universal classless support of rugby in Cymru/Wales. He answered his own argument when he mentioned Merthyr Tydfil; small middle class, one small rugby club. When I joined the local rugby club my mother told me that I was getting too big for my boots. Before 1971 Lions tour not many working class Welsh outside of Llanelli supported the game, I'm from Merthyr and within one mile of my house there were 7 football pitches but not even one rugby pitch. Rugby tourists would come to Cymru/Wales, meet up with passionate Llanelli supporters and take them to be typical of the country as a whole. There are far fewer rugby clubs than soccer clubs, and thousands more spectators watched soccer in the towns: Cardiff; Swansea; Newport; Merthyr; Wrexham; Aberdare; Llanelli; Bridgend. The 1971 tour raised the games profile so much that there are now about 6 rugby clubs in Merthyr (2 of which were not in the old county borough) but there are still 20 to 30 football clubs. After 1971 and after decades of soccer mediocrity, rugby began to touch the hearts of the working class Welsh, giving us something that binded us together as a nation that everyone could take pride in, even the north Walians began playing it, it gave us back a word that every Welsh person could identify with, a word that had been a long time coming: 'success'. In the old industrial town of Merthyr there was a very middle class reception in Afon Tâf High School to welcome home the Welsh contingent of the 1971 Lions, but in the mean time the onetime small rugby club has moved up at least 6 divisions, promotion attained over a number of years consecutively until they are one step away from the vanguard of the nation's teams. A bit like the Labour Party in a way in that it's become a way to get on and for a minority, to get out.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Labour = Socialism, not in the 'valleys' it doesn't

This is a warning for those who would like to wear the Labour Party's mantle; their political evolution from the Trades Unions into a caring neighbour based movement took more than 70 years years from the heights of a man of great principle namely James Keir Hardie, pacifist & nationalist, to plumbing the depths of Neil Kinnock and his anti-Welsh cohorts; we don't have the time and if we did would we really want to copy them? The Labour Party ruled/s the 'valleys'; its main purpose was to help people to get on and get out viz our MPs as epitomized by the Kinnock family; to get jobs, such as headships, particularly when the competition had higher qualifications? sometimes with phantom pupils, it helps boost the salary; it was about giving favours so long as there was a chance of their being repaid, usually in the form of votes but not always, it helped to be part of the family, but primarily one had to be a paid up member. Certain committees opened the door to financial gains, the planning committee was the best, there was always the chance of unofficial bonuses at the end of the month. Becoming a J.P. allowed you to judge your peers and move up the social ladder, no-one ever bothered to correct a system that everyone contribued to, the valleys were one big happy family so in a way there was no nepotism. Emrys Roberts moved into Merthyr, tried to prove to everybody that there was something better on offer so they listened to him and gave Plaid Cymru a chance, the Labour Party councillors were shaking in their boots, as Harri Webb once wrote "All the old gang are going to hang 'cos their racket has now been destroyed", if there had been corruption it was now at an end, a points system was brought in for housing need, so whether or not you were a cousin or you went to school with your representative it didn't matter any more, but guess what this revolutionary experiment in left of centre fairness got them thrown out, it was too fair. They didn't do anyone a favour so no-one did them one in return. I don't know where people got the idea that the Labour Party stood for socialism, it stands for family values, the kind that puts me in mind of Corleone, New York & Chicago; it was the long awaited golden opportunity for members of the working class to shift, to climb out of their poverty stricken existence and in some cases to do at the bottom what the Tories were doing at the top, in instances to catch up with their 'betters', but it had little to do with equality and a socialist philosophy. Many can't wait to get out, if they can't do that then they join some sycophantic committee like the one that runs the WRU, or to one that names hospitals or university wings all too often carrying their inferiority complexes with them, it's a sure way of getting invited to Buckingham Palace to get your gong proving to everyone that you've moved far enough away from that terraced house that was your mental burden; you've finally made it. That being said, the Labour Party was a success because it was part of the community, even though its leaders couldn't move away fast enough, it had something to offer that would be gladly accepted, therefore we have to be active in the local working mens' clubs, playing in the local sports teams and getting on the committees, then if it's good enough for us it's good enough for them. Nobody voted in a Labour councillor after an in-depth discussion on socialism. The communists never got anywhere because what they offered wasn't wanted, we have to make independence something they will want, but without promises. Find the formula and off we go to the Promised Land, oh no, I forgot, this is the Promised Land. Cymru am Byth

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